Tuesday, April 2, 2013

His name is Angus...

...and he's our new grandpup.

AND he's about as cute as they come...
Since the first of the year, Caitlin has been contemplating an addition to her little family...a little brudder for Olive.
Since shortly after the first of the year, we have been discouraging her, and doing our best to dissuade her. I guess we couldn't quite imagine adding another Olive to the mix.
Oh the caninity!
And now you know how much influence we have over our children as Angus arrived a week ago. Cait and I trekked down to SeaTac to pick the little guy up at the Delta Cargo depot.
I even did the driving -- during rush hour...which is something Caitlin has been very grateful for because it is something her momma just doesn't do.
But for the sake of Girl/Puppy bonding, I did it. And lived to tell about it.
Cait's first moments with the little guy. "Are you my mother?"
Yes, yes little man -- she is.
When we got to the cargo depot, a lady who was loading her packages into a van outside it, said to us, "Oh! Are you here for Dimples?" (Dimples was the breeder's name for the pup.) We were a bit surprised, and said that yes, we were. "Oh, they thought we were here for him. He is so cute! Have fun with your new pup!"
Dimples, soon to be Angus, was in his crate just behind the counter, waiting for us, and being doted on by the staff, and the customers.
"Dimples! Your mommy is here!"
I think they wanted to say "already here" because they seemed to be enjoying having the little pup on the premises.
Dimples, now Angus, was more than ready to get out of his crate.
He covered us with kisses, and danced some happy wiggles...(so different than Olive's fearful, trembling introduction...Though that was the last time we saw Olive fearful and trembling.)
Anyway, he was a happy little boy...even after a long day of flying from Tennessee. And we were his heroes, his new-found family and recipients of his undying love and affection.
I'm sure that what he was trying to say.
We stopped in Bellevue to show him off to Jess, and while we were at his place, Angus got a little bath to clean off the...well...the nasties that had got on him from the flight. After drying off, and a little romp with duties done in the yard, it was time to head home to meet his Big Sister.
Olive was THRILLED! And not in the predatory kind of way that we feared. She thinks he is a fantastic playmate...a stuffed toy come to life! And not all the wires in her brain are crossed or shorted out because she knows that she can't be too rough, or use her teeth on him. She kind of gnaws at him when they are rough-housing, but the teeth are not used as weapons.
Angus, for his part, thinks she's pretty fun too, and he's not intimidated. He rears up on his little back legs and barks his tiny bark and pounces at her...and OH THE JOY that ensues as they wrestle!
Daisie looked at us as if to say: "Seriously, we're doing this AGAIN???!!!" But she couldn't deny her curiosity and has been checking him out, and herding him around, and trying to play as best you can with someone who is one tenth your size. I think that once she found out that Angus was not going to jump up, bite her floopy lips and hang on until he fell off, (Olive's modus operandi when she came) Daisie had hope that something compatible could work out. Mostly, she is still suspicious that she will be the doormat of everyone, but now and then trying to exercise some authority over Angus. He's quite happy to oblige, and then Daisie is not sure WHAT to do.
So far, Angus is Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky, doing the things that puppies love to do. His antics are dog in miniature, which make us all laugh. His snuggles are addictive, and his naptime snores on your shoulder can paralyze.
I had told Caitlin that this time we would NOT be doing puppy day care again...
...but we pretty much can't say no to this little face.
So we are back in business...
...and right now, pretty happy that Caitlin doesn't listen to us.

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Tami said...

Angus is adorable! I kind of knew you'd cave on the daycare issue. Who could resist that little sweetie?

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