Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big bouquets, big head...

I’m being spoiled with peonies and roses these days.

My plants have grown lanky, and have bloomed abundantly. And because they are lanky, the blooms are mostly bowing down, and some are touching the ground.

What a waste!

So I have been gathering big bouquets to spread around the house!

I think peonies are my new favorite flower…Just love them! I want to add some pale pink ones to my collection. It’s taken literally years after planting the peony root stock, rhizome, bulb – whatever it was – to get the blooms I was hoping for…and now even those are not enough!

Please suh, can I have some mo’?

The roses are prolific too. My Joseph’s Coat climbing rose is loaded, and now the grandifloras and hybrid teas are joining in.



I think I enjoy them so much because I usually don’t have much success with plants unless they thrive on neglect…And roses don’t. So to have multiple bouquets at the beginning of summer is going to my head.

It’s quite ironic, really, that I have such a sickly green thumb while living with Farmer Green Thumb, Let’s-see-what-my-berries-need-today-I-haven’t-seen-them-since-yesterday Farmer. He doesn’t have time for frivolous growing activity with all the attention his bushes require, so I am on my own. He’ll do a brief consult for me now and then, but I must do the work.

It’s a lot of pressure, you know. I mean, when the fields around your house are green & thriving, tidy and nearly weedless, it would not be appropriate to have the plants around the house looking sickly, faint, and crowded by weeds…Which is how they could look very, very easily.

And truthfully, by the end of the summer they probably will. Fortunately, they just have to look good from the road.

I’m thankful we built so far back.

In the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy the first flush of growing success – and try not to get too cocky about it…Because, truth be told, I’m better at growing chickweed than anything else.

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Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous, Leslie! Makes me want to plant some peonies, but I'd probably kill them. We have roses and they are the only flowers that I DON'T kill. For whatever reason, ours are very hearty and require minimal maintenance... my kind of plant!:)
---Jamie V

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