Monday, June 10, 2013

I saw a red berry...and the Voice of Reason.

I saw a red berry on my Sunday morning walk with Daisie!

I immediately reported this to The Farmer…

“!!!!I SAW A RED BERRY!!!!!”

The Farmer: “You saw a RED berry?”

Me: “Well…it was orange!!”

The Farmer: “Oh – so you saw an ORANGE berry…”

Me: “Ok, I saw an ORANGE berry…”

Me: “!!!!!And there are LOTS of GREEN berries out there!!!!”

The Farmer: “There are lots of puffed up GREEN berries out there?”

Me: “Well, no, uh, they are the little green berries…”

The Farmer: “Puffed up?”

Me: “Well, no, uh they are the little gray berries…”

The Farmer: “Oh – so you saw GRAY berries…”

Me: “Well, yeah…gray berries…”

The Farmer: “And how many red berries did you see?”

Me: “One! Oh – I mean I saw one orange berry…”

The Farmer: “Uh-huh…”

Which being interpreted means: “Woman, you are panicking…Over nothing.”

I have been known to do that.

Suffice to say, The Farmer is not panicking. Harvest is early, but not imminent. We will be ready.

Ok, fine…but today I saw another red – ok, orange – berry…


Anonymous said...

I panicked also when reading this....but I went out to check things out on our farm.. and no orange berries here yet..Thank goodness!!! We are not ready!!! But the season will be here soon!!
Wishing you a berry successful season!!

Tami said...

I will miss you during harvest! It's sort of a necessary evil since you're a farmer and the harvest is the goal. I hope it goes well for you and the Farmer. Rufus has nice predictions for you.

Holly said...

I barely have blossoms!!! The bees are a busy a buzzin' though!

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