Friday, September 13, 2013

Another verdict is in...

…I suck at painting.

And, as luck would have it, I really enjoy doing it.

It’s been long enough since my last project that I forgot just how lacking in talent I am at painting furniture, so I determined that our nightstands would look so much better if they were painted Old White.

I followed the suggestion of our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint expert, Chris (and thank you, Chris!) and thinned the paint a little. It helped quite a lot! But it still couldn’t make up for my lack of dexterity, and the slapdash way I go at these things.

It became apparent early on that my vision of the finished night stands would not match the reality of the results.

So this time, I decided to do something different.

I accepted that they wouldn’t be perfect, and chose to enjoy the process without worrying about what other people might think when they know that I painted them, and not some factory in China.

I can only accomplish so much, and, besides, my nightstand is always covered with stuff. That doesn’t allow for close scrutiny anyway.

And I’m going to keep on painting…because I like it…and, operating on The Hundred Pie Principle (that is: you can become a good pie baker; you just have to make a hundred bad ones first), I just someday may be able to have both pleasure and success.

Or maybe just a lot of sloppily painted furniture.

I hear ARC will pick up stuff you don't want right from your front I'm covered.

Low light makes these babies look fabulous!

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Tami said...

The night stand look great! I didn't know the pie rule. I have several more pies to go...

Since you enjoy painting you are welcome to paint at my place anytime. The whole "neatness counts" thing is overrated. Drips and painters holiday overlooked here.

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