Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jingle Bell Run...

On Saturday, we enjoyed our annual jaunt to the Jingle Bell Run. This year, Caitlin decided to include the dogs. Three days before the event, she decided she had better take a trial run with the two of them just to make sure they would actually run and not just wrestle and fight each other while yoked together.

Results of the dry run were manageable, so the money she had spent on outfits for them would not be in vain.

And, anyway, they looked so cute that even if they wrestled and didn’t run, it would still be worth it, in my opinion...but I'm their Gram.

Olive and Angus were so excited that I think every picture of them is blurry…Actually, almost every picture I have ever taken of the two of them is blurry…It is a way of life with those two. This morning, it looked as if they would NOT be lagging behind...but Caitlin might!

In the controlled chaos that is the start of the Jingle Bell Run, we never found Caitlin’s running companions. There are so many participants to the race that it is difficult to make connections… Especially when there are two groups each standing on a different side of the school and each group is thinking they are in the “front”. This didn’t become evident until after the race had started but then those of us who came to spectate found each other. The runners eventually found each other at the finish.

And now we all know for next year which side of the school shall be designated as The Front.

I hope we remember that.

Anyway, Olive and Angus had a great run…and Caitlin managed to keep up without falling and suffering the humiliation of being dragged by 2 small dogs through the streets of Bellingham.

And they looked pretty cute while doing it!
When all was finished, we got to see Caitlin’s friend, Heidi, with her little sweet one year old, Brooklyn…aka cutest elf ever!!! Brooklyn was celebrating her first birthday by riding in the Jingle Bell Run! She already knows how to party!!

We also found Joy, aka the Sugarplum Fairy. Everyone had enjoyed their run – though Olive and Angus seemed to think it was too short. They were obviously bored when all the running ceased.

Bored, but awfully cute...but then, I am their Gram...
And then things got worse for them when they had to spend the next hour in the crates in the car while we went out for breakfast. Joy, along with her parents, our dear friends Spencer and Ruby, joined us. Hot coffee, hot breakfast, good conversation and laughs…a great way to spend a Saturday morning during Christmas time.

I love this Christmas tradition!


Tami said...

Again Caitlin has a darling outfit. And the dogs are pretty cute too. Your morning sounds wonderful especially since you didn't have to actually run, just got in on the festivities and the breakfast. Nicely done!

Holly said...

I have so enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures! Someday...maybe...probably not :(

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