Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving Day...

I confess that I spent the first 3 days after Thanksgiving doing nothing at all, to make up for all the days before that I did a lot, and burned off that nervous energy I have when trying to make ready for a big event. I’ve been trying to catch up ever since!

All my early preparation was worth it as the day went off without a hitch. There were no food disasters. In fact, it all tasted very good, and we ate heartily, and repeatedly.

And that was awesome!


I tried to set a table that was somewhat festive, in a country sort of way. A nod to Pioneer Woman for the bandanas as napkins idea…

The eating was interspersed with good visiting, puzzle making, games, joking, and though we were primed for football, it took a while to get around to that. I have to say that I LOVE just hanging around with The Fam…some of my favorite people to be with. It was so relaxed, even for me! And that was a new one…I think I’m learning!

The dogs provided their usual manic entertainment, as evidenced by the blurry shots of the little ones. Daisie was pleased to lean against everyone, or put her paw on them to let them know she welcomed their attentions.
As the day wound down, Caitlin and I made our entry way into a photo booth for Christmas card pictures. Jess joined in by rummaging up some props, and before we knew it, it had turned into a lot of fun and laughing…Such good sports in our family! It really was not something they would have longed to do…but they did it because I asked them to.

They know how to get to my heart…

We all got so goofy that I’m not sure we can seriously put those pictures on our Christmas cards…Some are really cute, and some are...rare! All in all, it was great entertainment!

Most hung around into the evening…It was such an enjoyable and satisfying day.

Everyone from out of town stayed until Friday when we descended on El Ranchito. Sixteen of us went for an early lunch and had the place mostly to ourselves.

It’s so nice to have your extended family be such good friends, and good fun!

As I said last time, if making home is your calling, your vocation, Thanksgiving is just the best holiday ever!

And yes, I am thankful for that!

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Holly said...

I love the photo booth idea! Remind me to steal it for next Thanksgiving!
You're brilliant!!!
Glad you had such a nice time, and that you had three days off afterwards!

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