Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Decorating...

I have a love/hate relationship with decorating for Christmas. In the earliest years of my career as a homemaker, I would not allow myself to decorate until December 1, which I considered the official start of Christmastime. It was hard to wait.

Now, decorating seems a lot more like work than highly anticipated fun. Still, it isn’t Christmastime without the decorations…So I pull out the bins, and have the house in a jumble for a couple of days before it is all accomplished.

And when it’s done, I feel so satisfied…because I like having decorated, as opposed to decorating.

However, I have noticed, in observing some other homes, that my decorating style lacks thematic elements.

I love and admire the themes I’ve seen in other homes. Trees with color coordinated ornaments and lights…Vintage Shiny Brite themes…Christmas Around the World with Globes of all sizes…Let it Snow…Collections of Snowmen…Ice Skates & Sleds…Hot Cocoa Stations…Tables set with Mason Jar Snowglobes…

 I have a sister who has a “Winter Woodland” theme in her living room, a “Merry & Bright” theme for her kitchen, and themes I can’t even remember for the rec room, and her bedroom!

Her bedroom!! If my bedroom has a theme, it would be “I’m Wearing Christmas Pajamas”. Of course, that’s only good when they are not in the wash.

While my sister is busy creating a Winter Woodland, and making her kitchen Merry & Bright, I realize that my decorating style is more along the lines of: “Where Shall I Put This?” Or “This Doesn’t Really Fit Anywhere, But I Got It On a Screaming Deal After Christmas Last Year”.

But that’s just a little too honest, so I am going to go with Eclectic…That’s what my style is: Eclectic…so, so Eclectic.

Usually when I start decorating, I think where I am going to put all this junk stuff? And by the end, I’ve run out of stuff and I’m wondering what to put on that last empty shelf…which is a problem I always try to solve after Christmas by purchasing some random item that is a Screaming Deal.

And so it goes each year…but in the end, it seems like Christmas to my themeless eyes, and I love it.

But understand that you might think you see a mish-mash when you look around…

Let me educate you…It’s Eclectic.


Tami said...

I love your style Leslie. Everything looks homey with a bit of kitschy style.

The mess of putting up Christmas and then the mess of taking it down are not my favorite times but it does make the dark of winter a bit better.

Are those small wreaths on the necks of your dog figurines? That is a great collection!

Ridgely said... decorating is whatever my hubby wants put up, which is EVERYTHING. Since we only decorate the living room, it's like walking into your local Christmas thrift store....a la 1950's style, stuff EVERYWHERE!

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