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November 29, 2014...A Day That Will Go Down in Honcoop Family History...

Well, we did it.

We had a wedding 11 weeks, to the day, after Jon and Caitlin became engaged.

To be honest, prior to the engagement, not a little thought was put into the possibility that a wedding would occur in the near future. We were not bereft of ideas. But no idea became a plan or was executed until after the engagement took place.

Then we were busy with finding vintage tablecloths, gathering vintage jars and vases for flowers, making pennant banners of vintage fabrics, and filling in details along the way.

When you have a short time frame, it helps you to keep things simple. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, as simple was the way Caitlin wanted to go. It just reduces the number of choices available, and that makes decisions easier.

So on Saturday morning, November 29, our family – meaning Cait’s siblings and parents – and Jon’s family – siblings, nephews, nieces and parents – gathered at the Mt. Baker Rotary building with officiant, Sean Taylor for the ceremony. It was as simple as could be. They said their ‘I do’s’, and their vows. The groom kissed the bride, and they were married! We all clapped and cheered…hugs all around.

I have to say that the bride did look fabulous, and the groom, looking pretty spiffy himself, had a big smile on his face when he saw her come down the aisle.

What a delightful ceremony! Relaxed, comfortable, with some laughs, and sweet memories…

Afterwards, the bride and groom ventured out in the cold and wind to get some pictures. The Lady in the Stone House, who helped Cait choose the fabulous dress, kindly lent her grandma’s fur coat to the Bride for the outdoor pictures. I can’t wait to see – and show off! – the pictures that the The SNAPsisters took that gorgeous, but freezing day! And -- full disclosure -- the pictures you see in this post all belong to The Lady in the Stone house, because I didn’t get any – not a one! Too busy having a good time, and that’s not all bad – especially when you have photographers amateur and professional who will share. (Check the SNAPsister's link for the wedding pictures. I'll let you know when they are up.)

While the Bride & Groom were gone, the last minute preparations were put in place: caterer, photo booth, cupcakes, favors for the kids.

At noon, extended family arrived to greet the newlyweds and for pictures. At 1pm, it was time for brunch.

Breakfast food is Cait’s favorite, and Hilltop Catering did a great job. The quote of the day from a lot of the menfolk was, “Every wedding should smell like bacon…” It was quite delish!

Caitlin had the brilliant idea to make favor bags for the kiddos…because she wanted the kiddos at the celebration. The wedding coloring books, crayons, finger puppets and candy were a hit…and the unlimited pictures from the photo booth didn’t hurt either. Happy kids! Oh! They were so cute! And some little girls followed the Bride everywhere…They were sure she was a real live princess!!

The grown-ups had fun with the photo booth too, and lots and lots of visiting took place. For me, it was a relaxed, enjoyable, comfortable afternoon of celebration.

Our introvert bride did a masterful job of staying engaged throughout the day…I don’t doubt that she didn’t have much left to say for the next couple of days. Fortunately, her Groom is not unaware of her introvert needs. And they were in Whistler for a few days of relaxation and rest, so she could recover from the effort.

And now, the two are one family…We are so happy for them!

And for us! We have new relatives who we enjoy, and think much of…and will look forward to getting to know better as the years go by.

A year ago at Christmastime, we didn’t even know who Jon Tuben was. Since then, we have trusted him with our daughter’s heart…and have no worries about that. They are good together.

We had a wonderful day celebrating the great things God gives us. Thanks to all who have rejoiced with us. It was a blessing!

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Ridgely said...

I'm teary-eyed, our little girl all grown up and looking KNOCK DOWN GORGEOUS in that dress. I'm so, so happy for her and you get the Woman of the Year award for pulling off this wedding in 11 weeks. I'm so glad you got actually enjoy it, that's a rare feat in today's crazy over-the-top wedding ridiculousness!

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