Thursday, May 7, 2015

In other news...

Flowers from the littles, and the little McCoy vase I found in the antique store…


I had a great time celebrating my birthday. Jess was here for part of the weekend, so that was a treat. After our cooking day, we had pizza delivered and a nice evening with all the kids. I know – the irony…but we were sick of cooking and we weren’t going to make a reduction in our gold mine that soon!

Monday, I enjoyed an encouraging prayer meeting with some other raspberry farmers’ wives as we asked for a safe and uncomplicated harvest.

Then I had the day to myself to dawdle through a favorite antique store, shoe shop, and take my time doing some research on other items I must soon procure.

Not hurrying…a birthday luxury!!!

The Littles (Olive and Angus) brought me flowers. (They are visiting daily as Caitlin gets her condo ready to sell…and they are making life interesting as they so often do.) Jess brought me a really cool infinity scarf printed with passages from Pride & Prejudice! Words to wear?! I love it! Phone calls and cherished sentiments from my other kids…

The really cool scarf!


I was blessed with other lovely gifts, and treats over the last few day. The Farmer took me out for a delicious steak dinner on the day.

As much fun were all the greetings on Facebook! People are so kind – and funny!

May the Fourth was with me…And I thank all who had a part in making me feel special! You are gracious!

Other good news: We visited the plastic surgeon yesterday and The Farmer’s finger is healing well. The doc believes that the graft has taken to a good degree. The graft feels spongy, and therefore, is likely alive! The black skin on top will blister off over the next few weeks, and fresh pink skin should be underneath. Getting the stitches out was not too nasty – and it even looks good enough that I am going to risk a picture of it. Be brave.

We can reduce the bandaging to an actual band-aid with the extra vet-wrap cover for protection. Hurrah!! (FYI – if you need that stretchy stick-to-itself wrap, don’t bother with the drug store stuff. Go straight to the Country Store and buy vet-wrap. Cheaper, and stickier.)

We continue to be so thankful that this little accident stayed little! The Farmer has been able to do the work that needs to be done with little or no delay. Not bad for someone who now belongs to the Stub Finger Club, Lynden Chapter.


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