Friday, October 15, 2010

The One That Got Away...

I picked my last zucchini today.

I actually haven't been picking any zucchini for a while, and today, I was just pulling the plant out to throw on the compost pile.

Underneath all those leaves, I found this:
Mondo Zucchini!

Really, it's as big as your leg!!

Well, maybe your leg. I should have left it longer to be like my leg...sadly...

I usually pick my zucchini when it's small, and easier to carry around...but I guess I missed this baby.
I didn't have a good zucchini year -- lots of babies that didn't get big enough before they started rotting.
I know -- who can't grow zucchini???
Apparently, me...but I have never claimed to have the green thumb around here. In fact, I do confess that my thumb is, at best, a sickly, yellow-y green, and this year, alot of the zucchini matched it...

But while I was feeling all pathetic about my zucchini growing skills, Mondo Zucchini was hiding out, and growing as big as your leg...Does one Mondo Zucchini make up for all the little ones that never reached fruition?What do you do with a zucchini that's as big as someone's leg?

Feed the world? Use it as a door stop? A weapon? Sneak it onto someone's porch on Halloween? Grate it, and freeze it for a lifetime supply of zucchini bread?

You take a picture and blog about it, I guess.
Hey, my life rocks...

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Ridgely said...

How about as a prosthesis! :)

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