Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What can you do when the power is out?

We were surprised today with a gusty little storm, and suddenly, the power was out...

And with that, the whole day was changed. We were not able to do all the things that we usually do, or the things we planned to do! After walking around the house, absentmindedly trying to flip switches on, and realizing that without power we are without water as well, it became apparent that I should focus on what I COULD do.  The list of what we couldn't do was way too long...goodbye chores : ), goodbye good grooming : (...

Hmmm...well...I could make the bed.
I could walk the dog.
I could LONG for coffee.
I could fold the laundry I had ignored for a couple of days.
I could be glad I had brushed my teeth right away this morning before the power was out.
I could go to town for coffee -- except they were without power too...
I could wrap Christmas presents.
I could address Christmas cards if I had any.
I could read, if I sat by the window....and LONG for coffee.

I will admit that I like it when the power goes out, because usually it means it is stormy and exciting -- danger, danger! Today the power went out as the storm passed, and the sun was shining brilliantly, naturally lighting our darkened houses. Less excitement than usual, but the thrill is still there because the other reason we like the power to go out is that is SLOWS us down. There's nothing we CAN do, so there's nothing we HAVE to do...and we GET to do something we rarely have enough time for.

At our house, it looked like this:
Mid-morning reading and snoozing with NO GUILT!!!
It was great...

Unfortunately/Fortunately (I was happy to be able to shower...and make coffee), the power came back on after 2 1/2 hours, and normal life resumed...
But it was fun while it lasted.


Ridgely said...

Then there are those of us who are perpetually "in the dark"! :)

Janice said...

Now - we just need a good ol' fashioned NW snow storm!! So you were vague - what DID YOU actually do?!?!

Les Hon said...

Actually, I folded some laundry, and then read my book...And then the power came on just in time for my hair appointment! Perfect!! ;)

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