Friday, September 16, 2011

I would like to thank... interior destroyer  designer, Olive O. Honcoop, for convincing me that it was time to update the living room furniture.

AND I would like to thank my stylist, Tami, The Lady in the Stone House, for the marvelous idea for getting it done!

It only took a couple of hours of removing the many staples that attached the skirt, $7.50 worth of navy ribbon, and a bit of hot glue. And just so you know, no animal was harmed in the reclamation of this furniture...though at times it was considered.

Lucky for you, Olive, I think I like the couch and love seat even better than before...

But just remember: you weren't hired to be my designer.


Jerrie said...

I LOVE OLIVE! We should have an Olive fan club!

The furniture looks great. Nice work Leslie (and Olive).

Tami said...

It looks fresh and updated, I like it! That said, I'm not encouraging Miss Olive to redecorate the whole house.

Janice said...

Nicely done!! Voila' all updated!

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