Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm not ready for pumpkin spice lattes...

School has started for all the chillun of the county over the past two weeks, and of course, summer has finally come in full force. I feel sorry for all those girls who bought new sweaters and cords and now cannot wear them...or if they do, they look really dumb...and sweaty.

I think I did that a few times because I never felt that my summer clothes were acceptable...I remember getting the Fall edition of the Sears catalog, probably in late June, and then poring over the pages and the styles and picking out my favorites. Oh, the joy of getting your berry paycheck and placing the order!

I remember picking out shoes that were sporty, puffy tan leather with red laces and a nice crepe rubber sole. I thought they were great...until I got to school and saw that anybody who was somebody was wearing navy blue leather wedges that they got at JCPenneys...That happened to me a lot -- a year behind on the style curve was the norm for me. And no more money to correct my problems, and besides I was kind of scared to return things to the stern Mr. Helgath at the Sears Catalog Store. Better keep it and live with the semi-humiliation.

I did finally get my navy blue wedges...when they went on clearance. Too late...

Anyway, with the weather so summer like, I'm sure the kids have put all their sweaters in a pile for later...and are wearing shorts to school. We couldn't do that, you know...We were lucky when the powers-that-be finally allowed us to wear pants to school...and then jeans! Radical changes!! I would not have worn shorts to school anyway. I worked on a farm all summer, and there it is problematic to wear shorts. Those hay bales don't feel too great being kneed up by bare legs. And there were other substances that were better absorbed by fabric, not bare skin. So my legs were always white, not tan that is, and I would never wear shorts to expose that. I never really did get to the point where I realized that these two states were mutually exclusive...not wearing shorts/getting tan legs. The rest of me was a nice golden brown...which made it all worse.

And so I started school wearing long sleeves and corduroy pants in fall colors...and I was glad when October came.

{Hmmm...I do believe this entire post is a record!}

Anyway, I am glad that I am not in school right now because, as I said, I am not ready for pumpkin spice lattes, or sweaters, or corduroy pants. I am thoroughly enjoying our late summer weather, and an blissfully pretending that it is not September yet.

Though I must admit there is that scent of Fall in the air, and foggy mornings, and heavy dew, and overnight temps in the 40's...And football is really messing with my denial as well.

Soon I will have to let go of summer, and dive into what is actually my favorite season, Fall. I just haven't had enough sunlight yet...I'm going to wait for the first rainy day, and then I'll think about that latte.


Tami said...

I love this sumall or fammer we are having this year.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. The clothes, the berry check and the navy wedges. I think the shoes were famolares or something like that...
I remember picking berries and equating my take to clothes, i.e. now my socks are paid for, that's a pair of cords, ooh now I can get that shirt with my cords etc.
Those were the days :P

Janice said...

amen, amen and amen! I do recall seeing a tan on your legs on a post about Hawaii :) I think you probably wear shorts a bit more now!

Jamie Lynn said...

Shorts are no good for riding horse either! Therefore, I had (and STILL have) some seriously ghostly white legs. Thank goodness for Sally Hansen leg make-up on Sundays!:)

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