Monday, September 19, 2011

A particularly productive day...

I've surprised myself. I accomplished a couple of sizable tasks -- and on a day which began with an outing! I got to have breakfast with a dear friend of mine from high school days...such fun! And usually after I've been out of the house, and had a bit of fun, I am useless for the rest of the day.

Perhaps my friend Karen's ambition and productivity rubbed off on me a little -- because I came home and...

...canned 18 quarts of peaches.

And I really don't like canning...but The Farmer loves canned peaches, and store-bought jars just don't cut it...So, after last year's peach debacle, I am trying it again.

I could have stopped right there and called it a good day, but something got into me and I decided that I wouldn't wait for The Farmer to have time to help me put together my new shelves for the garage... I did it myself.

It was obviously necessary. The jumble was growing out of control.

It looks a little better now...a major re-organization is needed...and I love to re-organize!

But that's a project for another day.

After all this productivity, I was too tired to make dinner. Fortunately, Cait brought Chinese home...blessed girl! And now the jacuzzi is calling me, and I will answer -- because my back is feeling a hurty sort of way.

Don't expect much tomorrow.

Or the next day.

I can't seem to work hard more than one day in a row lately...Is this what happens after 50?


Janice said...

I toyed with canning peaches this year! I use to can 6 boxes worth every September! Poor Emily/last chile - she doesn't get to enjoy them like her brothers - even tho' the contractor likes them better - I failed!

Holly said...

You've lasted longer than me!!!! I think 45 was my cut off!!!! Canning's so much work, but isn't it nice to see those jars all lined up for the winter???
Love the couch!

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