Monday, December 12, 2011

Disparate Activities That Make Me Feel All Christmas-y

This weekend I participated in two very different holiday events. The first was the Jingle Bell Run -- a 5k fun run that raises money for arthritis research.

And no -- I did not run.

It was the Dickson Medical Clinic's final run of their race-a-month commitment for a year. It all began a year ago with the Jingle Bell Run, and 12 races later, it ended there.

But they don't just run in anonymity...They make sure they look festive -- and they do get noticed! They made the newspaper this year.

I was proud to know them.

They dressed as Jovi from the movie Elf...
Don't they look cute? And Caitlin even has Hermie hair!

Of course, they needed an Elf...
Buckley, goldendoodle and official Dickson Medical Clinic mascot, obliged. Doesn't he look excited about wearing the costume that Caitlin made for him?

In fact, he was so excited that he could hardly hold still.
And he was pretty popular too...

These are just a few of the folks who stopped to take his picture.

Buck -- you're a sport, and we love ya for it!

Miss Olive was also in attendance, The Farmer's charge, and Buckley's distraction from his confining costume...It was thrilling for The Little, and The Big Un.

While the dogs were entertaining the crowd, the DMC girls were finishing the race...
Mission accomplished! One t-shirt race per month means they each have enough now to make a quilt memorializing their accomplishment.

Because right now, they have no plans of doing it again...
We were proud to witness the completion of their year of races, and the Jingle Bell Run is such fun. Everyone is full of good cheer and laughter. People make sure they look festive as they run, and their dogs, and ponies (yes there were ponies!) too. Being with thousands of people being happy, and of good cheer is a great way to enjoy the season.

As the Jingle Bell Run is raucous and jolly, by contrast my next activity was solemn, and beautiful, and introspective...I so enjoyed the beautiful music of a choir of 80 voices accompanied by an orchestra of 25...It was so lovely! At times the music, melancholy and haunting, and then rejoicing, triumphant!

I so appreciate the members of the various CRC churches that sang and played with all their hearts to focus OUR hearts on the Infant King...

This weekend held a wonderful contrast of fun, and joy!

Both are God's good gifts...

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Ridgely said...

Saw her picture in the paper....too, too cute...way to go Caitlin, I'm proud to know ya!

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