Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting back to normal life...

It's so nice to be getting back to the regular schedule...which in our case, is fairly irregular. During harvest you're in a circular routine, and you feel somewhat isolated from the "real world", as I call it. Actually, you don't have time for the real world. Regular life is on hiatus...

And that gets kind of old. Usually about 3/4 of the way through harvest, I get to feeling at sea. I've lost my direction, and I'm just waiting for something to happen so I can react.  You get in the circle, and just keep going, almost mindlessly, until something bumps you out of it. And usually, it's something that requires action, and that's a relief. But then it's back to waiting for purpose to come whop you upside the head.

So I've been rejoicing to be back to our regular irregular schedule. After a few days of sleeping in, and relishing the afternoon breaks on the deck, I am enjoying the opportunity to choose what I do each day. I've been inspired to do some projects -- like fall clean (too late for spring) my family room, my dining room, my kitchen, my deck -- because I know I can start a project and keep going until I finish it. Oh, the joy!!

However, it seems that I can only work hard one day in a row. I work like a youngster one day, and the next day, I ache like an oldster...How did this happen?

Don't answer that.

So yesterday, I worked hard. I cleaned, and I gardened. Today, my elbow hurts, my sciatica is acting up, and my shoulder is clicking, so I am going to The Fair.

Because I can do whatever I want to do...in normal life. {smile}

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one blessed mama said...

all of your aches are only going to get worse after attending the fair. :) (this is just a thought from someone who doesn't much like the fair)
have some fun for me. :)

glad you're back!!

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