Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I went to The Fair...

It was finally cool enough to go for a walk with Daisie, and Olive, who is here for Day Camp while her Girl is busy at The Fair.  Now that we are back, I thought I'd better write a post before my shoulder joint locks and I can't move my right arm...A natural consequence of taking Olive for a walk. I'm getting a pretty big bicep on my right arm from hanging on, and bracing for when she hits the end of the leash, but tonight she threw me off when she ran BEHIND me, and hit the end of the leash. OUCH! Ibuprofen on board...And I couldn't switch to my left hand for the rest of the walk because I hurt that shoulder & elbow the other day when I was rock-climbing  scrubbing the dirt off the deck.

Oh, the life of a fitness-failed fifty year old...

But I think I was going to tell you about The Fair...

I went with great intentions of taking pictures of my favorite stuff, and nifty stuff, and artsy stuff...but after I forgot to take a picture of The Greats(Colby, Brielle, Madelyn & Myles) when I ran into them, I kinda lost interest in that project. Oh, they were so cute, slurping up their ice cream, and excited to see more of The Fair with Gramma GG! What kind of photographer wanna-be misses that kind of opportunity?

So, I mostly took pictures of Caitlin's latest adventure. She is helping her friends Heidi and Courtney with their Clydesdale hitch at The Fair this week. And loving it, by the way! She's learning how to braid manes, and get The Boys all gussied up for their performances, and help with the hitching, and giving baths, and just generally getting to hang out around horses for the week...

Lucky girl.

I'm so happy for her to get the chance because she just loves it.
Here, she's keeping Joc company while he gets his mane braided.

Putting Bill in place for hitching...

I think she is pretty brave to be in this spot!

Although I'm not sure if that takes more bravery than this:
Tucker is one Big Boy!
From the ground, Caitlin's head just reaches his flank. She needs to get on a bench to saddle him, and to mount. Courtney and Heidi have been training Tucker to be a saddle horse, as well as one of the hitch. Heidi is expecting a baby and is restricted from riding this goliath for a while, so Caitlin is filling in.

Thanks for wearing your helmet, kiddo!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun watching them hitch those Big Boys yesterday, and then seeing them all work together on the drive...

Don't they look purty -- handsome? (Sorry Boys!)

We spent the rest of the time visiting, and eating our favorite Fair Foods: poffertjes, hand-dipped King Corn Dog, Moowich...yum...

We looked up the animals that belong to the 4-H and FFA kids we know. I bought another piece of sterling silver jewelry from my favorite little booth in the Tent City. I checked out all the Needlework, and 4-H sewing while Randy was otherwise occupied, and then I went to work at the Young Life booth as a cashier. Seven hours of taking other people's money...

I liked it.

I got paid in mashed potatoes and gravy...and it was worth every bite! Delicious! A lot of people also enjoyed the beef, and the mashed potatoes, and the buttery corn on the cob, and the baked beans, and the pie, and...But I was so busy taking money, I hardly noticed the food.

Not true, not true at all...but I will say I was BUSY taking money. Their new location is a boon for business...So happy for this new potential for them. And what a fun crew to work with!! If you go there be sure to give them exact change and watch what happens! ;)

It was a long, but fun day...that rested my arms, but made my feet hurt. So today was declared A Day of Rest, and just as well, as the heat wave engulfed us. 91 degrees today!

A good day for reading -- and chewing -- in the air-conditioned house.

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