Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bad, the Ugly -- and we'll have to wait a while for the Good...

I was inordinately proud of myself on Monday for 3 reasons.

1) I bought a Groupon deal.

2) I actually used the Groupon deal.

3) I drove someplace I had never been before BY MYSELF to use the Groupon deal.

I may become a grown-up someday after all!!

And what was this marvy, good-times experience that I got such a good deal on???

I got all my toes laser-treated for fungal infection.

WOOT!WOOT! Don't you wish you were me???

Don't answer that...

However, you can thank me for not posting any pictures that prove I indeed have been afflicted with toenail fungus. The laser technician took some close ups that were a humiliating sort of way.

I've been fighting this affliction for years, literally years. My doctor, on first diagnosis, recommended daily treatment with tea tree oil, and warned me that it would take a long time. After 3 years of treating, and getting close to eradication, and then relapsing, I asked him how he thought we were doing. "You said a long time...It's been 3 years...think we're halfway?"

He didn't think that was as funny as I did. {shrug}

Finally, I heard that laser treatment was the way to go -- but it cost as much as a decent piece of furniture...or say 3 pieces of furniture for a dutch girl like me.

Enter Groupon with a deal for 60% off {gasp}...if you don't mind going to Chilliwack for the procedure.  I affirmed my dutch heritage by clicking the "Buy Now" button.

And Monday, I made the trek. Thank you, Google, for excellent directions that took me right to the front door. The people at the Laser Health Center, I mean Centre, were very nice. The technician was trying to reassure me that the procedure was only minimally painful, when he asked if I knew what an electric fencer was. I'm sure my eyes widened when I said "yes!", and he said that is was much less current than that. I thought, "I HOPE SO!" because the last time I touched an electric fence, I thought I would go into spasms and not get my fingers off before they were permanently cramped into claws.

He prepared the laser while I contemplated if this was why the procedure was 60% off, and how I might keep from kicking him in the teeth should the current be that strong...

Apparently, the electric fencers these folks have are not the same caliber as the Mondo-Shock models we had on the dairy farm, because I could hardly feel a thing, and when I did feel something is was like a snap from a rubber band...

In short order, the treatment was done, and now comes the waiting for the nails to grow out and show me that the fungi have been eliminated and eradicated. This will take months...

...but it beats the years I have already been working on this!

Feeling quite triumphant at my accomplishment, I decided to celebrate and drove all the way to Aldergrove for this:
There's just nothing like a cold mug of root beer on a hot summer day of adventure...
Sorry to make you all jealous...

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berrymama said...

Cool!! Wishing you pretty toes very soon!!

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