Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Olive turned 2...

Olive turned 2 on the 2nd of December – her golden birthday already. Sweet! We kept her celebration simple, so don’t feel badly that you didn’t get invited to the party…Only Daisie and The Boss and I did…

And it was short – very short…but we did have cake!

Olive was thrilled with her 2 bite cupcake, and it barely lasted that long.

Daisie got a 2 bite cupcake too, but when she snarfed it up, all the frosting ended up on the roof of her mouth. She was pushing and pulling her tongue over it trying to clear it out. I’m sure it felt like a mouthful of peanut butter does. While she was working at it, cake crumbs were cascading from her mouth onto the floor. Well, ALMOST onto the floor. Olive positioned herself under Daisie’s open mouth and cleaned up the crumbs that were falling like snowflakes from it.

Those dogs know how to have fun.

Olive also got a present from us, carefully selected to allow for optimum life span, and I am happy to report that though buzzy bee no longer has wings or a rear end, he is still mainly intact and ready for fun.  Ten days is pretty good for any toy that Olive gets!

We’re also very happy that in her second year, Olive has lost her taste for furniture, and is much more predictable in her frenetic activities…Still frenetic, crazy and unceasingly playful, but less destructive, and more obedient. You can see it pains her greatly to be obedient, especially when it requires holding still – but she WILL do it! A year ago, we didn’t know if that was possible.

In fact, we have hope that sometime in this decade, she might even sit on our laps for a while…instead of jumping up to press a toy on our face when we have finished playing, and she has not.
Seriously, she is much loved by all of us -- and so far, the love has outweighed how much she annoys us. She is a great little buddy for Caitlin, and a fair match for fighting with The Boss. She knows that she is one of us, an integral part of the family...

Oh, Olive – what would we do without you?

Daisie – don’t answer that…

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