Monday, February 18, 2013

I've been AWOL...

…but with good reason. After my painting project, I had a week or so to get my arms functional again, and then it was time to pack for a short trip to San Diego…our annual jaunt with our friends from the Whatcom Farmer’s Co-op Board.

We flew early in the day on Saturday, the 9th, so had that day to explore as well as Sunday. Meetings began for The Farmers on Monday.

It was lovely to be in sunshine, even if it temperatures could only qualify as spring-like – upper 50’s, low 60’s. As typical for our trips, it got nice and warm(pool weather) just after we left. I’m not sure what it is about our group, but if you want to know where temps are going to be below normal for a week in February, find out where we are going for the Board Retreat. This is just a warning for the locals at our destination, because, if the sun is shining, we are pretty easy to please temperature-wise. The poor locals were wearing gloves, hats, and I actually saw a few bulky wool sweaters being sported. Brrrr…it’s 55 degrees!!

That’s pretty much June for us…or anytime all summer…or winter for that matter.

Anyway, the sun was nice, and I’m glad I got all that Vitamin D the natural way because on Tuesday I started feeling like maybe, just maybe, I was getting a cold…By Tuesday night, there was no doubt.

Oh the miseries! I was wishing I still had a soft spot on my head to ease the pressure that was building in it! I really, really wanted to get to my own bed, but there were 3 airports between me and it when we left on Thursday afternoon. God graciously allowed me to feel a bit better that day, but by the time I got to my dear bed, I felt like I had a hangover from a bender.

Though, honestly, I’ve never experienced a bender or a hangover, so I really don’t know. But if it IS like what I was experiencing, I have a hard time imagining any party time that would be worth it…

Since Friday, I’ve been drinking my fluids, and resting, and waiting for the symptoms to go away, which they have not. I do not get colds very often, so apparently, when I do get one it’s a doozer to make up for the minor ones I missed.

On the upside, I can now read and watch TV without feeling like I am getting cramps in my eyeballs, so we are making progress.

The common cold: God’s reminder of the little things that make life good every day.

Tomorrow: some pictures of my San Diego favorites.

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Tami said...

I hope you're better by Thursday. I can't wait to get caught up and have a little Thursday Therapy.
Take care, rest and rest some more!

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