Friday, February 1, 2013

The Before and After

Well, this is ALMOST least I remembered to take a picture before the paper was all removed.

This was taken during those blissful moments when I thought it was going to be SO EASY!

This was when I knew it was going to be so NOT easy...
You can see that only the very top layer of the border came off.
I wetted and washed and scrubbed the walls with TSP, and still couldn't get all the glue off.
Finally, I decided to try an HGTV trick -- a mixture of hot water and fabric softener sprayed on the wall. I had tried this to get the paper off, but didn't need it when the paper came off so easily. Fortunately, it works well on getting the glue and paper remnants off as well.
I only wish I hadn't waited until I was on the last section of wall to try it...
I primed the walls first, after scrubbing off most of any primer that had been there before, and then it was FUN TIME -- putting on the color.
Please note the professional looking work-place...It sure looks like amatuer hour to me.

Two shots of the finished product...In this photo it looks a little more gray than in real life, and the shot below, it looks too periwinkle, almost lavendar.

The real life color is just what I wanted -- and soon (meaning sometime before 2014) I will do the rest of the utility which has all the same wallpaper, and glue. I will steel myself for the task ahead, and not expect it to be a swift accomplishment. Oh! The maple cabinets will look great with this color.
But first, I have to let my hands, arms and shoulders heal...They haven't taken too kindly to the workout they got...My hands keep falling asleep, my shoulder has a buzzy nerve, and my elbows ache...
Don't worry, though. I can still hold a fork, so I'm alright.

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Robyn Burke said...

it looks great! A few years ago I got crazy and painted my bathroom daffodil yellow and added a sort of hippy-daisy border... and I am way past done with this! But getting it off is not something I look forward to! Seriously want a make over in there though! one day... soon.....

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