Monday, May 13, 2013

A very pleasant Mothers' Day...

I had a very pleasant Mothers’ Day. It started with My Farmer delivering a latte and cinnamon roll for breakfast! Soon after, the grandpups came flying into the house, ribbons around their necks with cards with lovely sentiments attached!

Caitlin admonished them to “Go see Gram! Go see Gram!” but only Angus did. Olive is too much in love with The Boss to come to Gram first. But little Angus was full of enthusiasm and jumped up to put his paws on my leg, filling the air with kisses until I could get close enough for him to land one…or one hundred. Eventually, Olive was coaxed to come and deliver her card too.

It was just too cute.

I spent the rest of the morning sipping coffee, reading, relaxing and enjoying the fact that I did not need to prepare anything for our family gathering. My dear sis, Megan, had volunteered to do it all, despite that she, too, is a mother – and has a birthday this month too. What a treat! What a gift!

We had a lovely lunch there, with the usual laughter and good cheer. And my mother pulled her Mother’s Day Privilege Card to request that we watch the last of the Players Golf Tournament.


As it came on, she was telling me that my aunt now likes to watch golf. “Can you believe that Aunt Milly watches golf?” she exclaimed. I replied, “No! Actually, I can’t believe that ANYONE watches golf!”

I will admit that watching golf isn’t too bad – when you tune in for the 17th and 18th holes and just see who wins. I can tolerate that much…and only that much. But good for Mom for pulling the Mom Card. It was her day, after all. And all the guys thought it was great.

Back home again, there was more relaxation – and greetings from my other kids, one who is away, and the couple who had been with their other family.

The Farmer even got me a gift…per my request, he replaced the hoses on my hose cart, and also upgraded the fittings. I’m quite excited about this upgrade! Last summer, hauling around some cracked and easily kinked hoses with leaking fittings was causing me to sin…too much mumblemumblegrumble kind of talking was going on, and a few kicks just might have been thrown as well. I know that many were contemplated.

But now, now I can irrigate in holiness!

That’s the theory anyway…

I quite enjoyed the day…though I must admit that I am somewhat a Mothers’ Day Rebel. It hit me quite a few years ago on a Mothers’ Day where the family had gathered to share a meal and “celebrate”.

I use the term loosely.

I noticed that this “celebration” had all the moms working in the kitchen…and all the menfolk sitting, visiting in the living room waiting for the food to be ready.

There’s something wrong with this picture…at least for the moms, that is. Caught in the Dutch/European tradition, the women did the kitchen work…The men did nothing! It would have been less work if we had not celebrated at all…so what was the point?! I want to honor my moms, but this was getting ridiculous!

Since then, we have cut back on the larger group gatherings, eschewing them for simpler celebrations. Desserts and coffee, or taking Mom out, or just making sure she has a big bouquet to enjoy – and more than that, making sure she hears the words that mean the most…That we love her; her sacrifice has been appreciated; she has done a good work…

For this Mothers’ Day Rebel, that is more than enough…

…and it was just what I got. Thanks for making my day, Farmer and kids!

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Tami said...

Happy Holy Irrigating... you crack me up! I am happy that you had a relaxing Mother's Day, as you should.

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