Monday, May 20, 2013

Dare I say it?

We are having a fairly normal Springtime! And time is flitting by…
Already we have bees out in the field – not my favorite month of the year – and that usually means we will be harvesting in about 5 weeks!
Six would be nicer…
But, we are just going to be happy with normal spring weather, even if it means we are starting a little early.
The berry bushes look quite lovely right now…probably my favorite stage of growth…big green walls of bush extending for a quarter-mile.
And – keepin’ it real – the older bushes aren’t so much green walls as green lattice…Still pretty!
Here’s what’s keeping the bees busy…and more to come!
The Farmer is busy in the field whenever he can be in it. Predicted rain this week will likely keep him out of it for a few days, but there is much to get ready in the shop as well.
When the bees go in the field, I feel a bit like we are on the edge of a vortex that will soon suck us in…That vortex being harvest time. We’re trying to be ready, and proactive, and in charge – but the craziness always comes, and suddenly we’re whirling about waiting for it to end and drop us out on earth again, dazed, but alive.
And after this many years of survival, we don’t fear it, as much as resign ourselves to the ride…


Ridgely said...

Wow, 5 weeks....really. That's won't even be out yet!!!!!

Linda Haugen said...

I like this time of the year too-everything is neat and mostly under control! Ready or not here it comes

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