Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Detective Trotter...

Last weekend, we were privileged to watch our nephew, Nate, in an Agatha Christie play – The Mousetrap – at Judson Hall.

We were just SO proud of him!

He had a lot of dialogue, and delivered it in the clipped English manner of his character. He inserted subtleties to his gestures and his words that we later recalled were of great import to the story.

He had told his family that, at the end of the play, his character would reveal the identity of the murderer but he wouldn’t tell them ahead of time who it was…

Imagine our surprise when Detective Trotter turned out to be, not an investigative genius, but the cunning murderer himself!!

He’s quite the actor!

All the kids in the play did well, and made us confused about who to suspect was the criminal. None of us saw it coming when Detective Trotter turned out to be crazy, revengeful George the murderer. I thought it was Miss Casewell…or the Mrs. Ralston, the innkeepers wife…

Great play!

And, admittedly, we are biased but Nate did the best job on the stage! There may even be some non-family members out there who would agree with that.

I hope we will get to see him in drama again. He did so well portraying the character, making us believe the deception. He had a ton of lines and missed nothing. He stayed in character when the unexpected happened, and even ad-libbed a little.

He’s always been a memorizing genius, and can be hilarious with his mimicry…When he was a little sprite, he would answer our questions with lines memorized from movies.

It was great fun to see his childhood propensities put to use in an adult way.

Great job, Nate…We’ll be happy to watch you “break a leg” again!

Proud big brother & sister with the star!

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Megan said...

So proud of my boy!

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