Monday, April 4, 2016

A Marvelous Maintenance Monday...

I had an amazingly productive day today…and it’s been awhile since that has happened.

The last few weeks have been a long hard slog through apathy, and today I seemed to break out of the chains and feel some purpose.

I needed that.

A very ambitious Maintenance Monday occurred. My purpose for Maintenance Monday is to take care of the very mundane, but regular, chores that are required around the house. Emptying the garbage cans, refilling the soaps and toilet paper stashes, gathering the cardboard for the recycling centers, changing the sheets, washing towels, making a grocery list, putting all the card transactions in the checkbook…

I like using Monday for these tasks as they do not require much thought, or decisions. They just need to be done, and then I can forget about them for another week. Monday is good day to not strain the brain.

However, today I learned two new and valuable pieces of information.
1.       Graham crackers don’t last forever, even if they are unopened
a.      Let me add that I also learned that if graham crackers smell stale, you should not taste them as the fat that is in them can turn rancid, and foul your mouth for quite a while. (Blech!!)
b.      Graham crackers do not qualify as apocalypse food.
2.   You can actually purchase a laptop that does not have an optical drive.
a.      And apparently that is what I did, but I was unaware of this until I had spent 45 minutes seeking online help for an unrecognized dvd drive, and then trying to find the button that would allow me to put a disk in, and then downloading the manual so I could identify where the button was, and then finally checking my original order sheet to find I had not purchased a laptop with an optical drive.
b.   If you keep enough flash drives on hand, you don’t even wonder if you have an optical drive, and save a lot of time.

 I’m hopeful, but not sure, that I will remember this pertinent information. I believe I tried it once before…

But since even this blunder did not compromise my day of productivity, I am full of good cheer tonight. It is quite nice to head for bed without feelings of guilt and disgust over another day of laziness. I am quite delighted to be suffused with feelings of satisfaction!

I sincerely wish that I might enjoy more success…perhaps 2 days in a row? Or even more wondrous – perhaps I may become addicted to feelings of satisfaction and the absence of guilt!!

It may be too much to wish for…but it’s nice to know that it can actually happen!


Tami said...

I love Maintenance Monday. If nothing else take out the trash and change the sheets. Good for you, getter' done!
Remind me to tell you an ugly graham cracker story on Thursday. Ugh!

Ridgely said...

Nice alliteration in the title! :) Hey, it's Spring, remember Spring's a reality! Give yourself some slack. Soon, very soon, you'll be running around dealing with raspberry life, so don't overdo it now! As Charlie Brown always said, "there's no problem so big you can't run away from it!"

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