Monday, April 11, 2016

Fun Friday...

Last week, Fun Friday did not disappoint! In my week of Titled Days, I have not told you about Therapy Thursday – and that will wait until the end of this week – nor have I told you about Fun Friday. The alternate title for Friday is Photo Phriday as I also allot it to working on the photo albums on which I am woefully behind. However, I have to admit that Fun Friday most often wins out and Photo Phriday is a continuing phail…

The Friday just past was a scheduled day out to visit my dear friend Joan who was lured away from our hometown by a house on Big Lake, and OH! is it lovely! I can understand why this lure was quite magnetic, and though I see her less often, I now get to sit on a deck overlooking the beautiful lake while we gab over coffee.

Just before I left for Skagit County, I got a text from Joan asking if I might want to do some junking. There was a big garage sale at the Skagit County Fairgrounds for the weekend. I was definitely game to check it out. We met near the fairgrounds, grabbed our coffees and headed to the sale.

The Skagit County Fairground is Old School with old-fashioned barns like we used to have in Lynden… central raised section for ventilation, all wood, and quite small. But there were a lot of them, and my oh my, nearly each one was full of vendors! Such a variety of offerings, from bona fide antique dealers, to second hand flea market, to crafters & creatives, to somebody setting up their garage sale table.

It was such fun to ramble from building to building, in search of treasure, and marveling at things that were so homely you wonder why they were ever manufactured. There were food trucks, and kettle corn and a regular party atmosphere there.

It was my day for lucky finds and I came home with a bunch.

I've started collecting old sewing notions with the intent of using them. But I have a hard time wrecking the old packages...

Love birdies -- and these are salt & pepper shakers too.

This rooster is actually a bank, with a coin slot at the tip of the tail. I loved his colors, and then when Joan pointed out the tongue-in-cheek "Chicken Feed" caption, I had to have him.
It didn't hurt that he was only $3.

A bunch of Little Golden Books, only 25 cents each! 

My favorite find was this Little Dog…I saw it high up on a shelf, and couldn’t believe that one like that still existed. I had one just like it when I was a toddler…and loved it!

I pointed it out to Joan and told the story…and she said, “And you’re not buying it??? Why???”

I had to admit that I was not willing to pay the $30 on the price tag, so you know what she said next…”Well, offer him less!”

Oh boy…I really don’t know how to do this. Dickering, bargaining? Even selling stuff…I’m TERRIBLE at asking for something for myself… But Joan said it like it was such a simple solution, so I took a deep breath and offered the guy half. My only strategy was to start low and hope he came down at all because I knew…I knew…

He said: “How about $20?” to which I replied, “Sure, ok, that’s just fine.”

The truth of the matter is that had he said $29, I would have said yes…because I am a chicken, and because once I have been so disrespectful as to devalue his item with a low offer, I am compelled to buy it no matter the price.

I have issues.

But I still got Little Dog to come home with me, and after a thorough scrubbing, and a little bleach, he is adorable, and will enhance the décor of the Room for Grandkids. I’m not sure I will let Emma play with it because who knows what kind chemicals they used to make plastic back in the day! I chewed on one just like it and we know that I have issues…I want to spare Emma!

Before the scrubbing...

...and after. He can open both eyes now!

Anyway, it was indeed a Fun Friday of treasure hunting.

And later this week, I’ll tell you about the rest: Therapy Thursday, Serviceable Saturday and Sanctuary Sunday.

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Ridgely said...

"How much is that doggie in the window...." Just the right price, good work. And I get your issues with dickering, I've never figured out how to do it either.

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