Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm a grandma!...well, kinda...

I mentioned earlier that our daughter Caitlin acquired a puppy...so now I have a GRANDPUP, and I am a grandma, of sorts.

I don't mind at all!

I have a fond affection (make that FOND, FOND affection) for puppies -- especially those of the short-hair type...Can't get enough of 'em!!!

So Caitlin brought home her little "Frenchton" -- a designer breed, I guess, as she is half FRENCH Bulldog (my favorite kind of little dog) and half BosTON Terrier (my second favorite kind of little dog.) A perfect combination! Caitlin named her Olive Oyl.

But then, I am her Gram -- I would think that...

When I told Randy that Caitlin had bought a puppy that had to come by plane from Arkansas, and that she would have to also find a new place to live, he frowned deeply. Oh! The lack of consideration for convenience! Oh! The inefficiency and impulsivity!!

Now he drops crumbs on the floor for her to eat, and asks if its his turn for her to sleep on his lap.

But he refuses to be called Gramps, just as he refused to be called "Dad" for Daisie...He is, to both of them (and sometimes me too) The Boss.

The Boss who's wrapped around their little toes...but you didn't read that here.

As for Daisie -- Randy was convinced that she would not tolerate another dog in her world...But she has more than tolerated The Little Usurper. They like each other -- except for when they don't...which is usually at the end of the day, or after a particulary irritating bout of rough-housing.
Like most little dogs, Olive doesn't know that she IS little, or that Daisie, should she so choose, could hurt her badly. Apparently, Daisie doesn't know this either because she is regularly assaulted by Olive's needle-like puppy teeth on her jowls. Not once has Daisie put a tooth on her in return, though she bats her about with a swing of her head quite regularly...It's painful, having fun -- and very noisy too, I might add...

It's the equivalent of dog heaven to them...

...and afterward, they are tired, cozy friends.

Being a grandma now, I get to puppy-sit -- 5 days per week! Olive is too small to stay alone for the hours Cait's job requires, so we get to have her at our house everyday! Oh yeah, and Cait too!

For all my wisdom via hindsight about child-rearing, I find that I have fallen back into the same old bad habits of years gone by. I fuss, wondering if she is doing alright...I worry whether I am leaving her in the crate too long...I hate to wreck her good times when she is doing something that we will later regret that she knows how to do...I wait for her to "tell" me what she needs, rather than deciding for her -- and you know what that means -- CLEAN UP!

I'm a puppy-centered whuss.

I was with Daisie too...still am...and I love it.
But someday, I'm going to have to get some work done...

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Kathi said...

Love the last picture of you and your babies! Enjoy the new grandpup.

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