Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Tease...

It's been a bit of an unusual winter here, in that it has been winter ALL winter! That doesn't usually happen...We usually get a bit of spring somewhere in February -- even January sometimes...Everyone gets excited; the farmers get out in the field -- and then winter comes back. Last year it came back and stayed until...oh, about June!

But this year, winter has been winter. I've heard rumors that it has been one of the coldest on record, not for depth of cold, but for average low temperature...lots and lots of frosty days.

A lot of days lately have looked like this:

We've had a lot of storms blowing through...And there have also been plenty of days that were just gray, rainy, not-so-pretty days.

But this week, we've gotten a little tease of Spring -- which is about right as the first day of Spring is tomorrow. How strange would it be for Spring to come at the appointed time? For here, that would be unusual!

Beautiful skies...especially the blue!

Buds pushing out on the raspberry canes...

The canes are all tied, and the robins are in residence...

The sun is shining again today, and it's actually tempting me to get out in the yard. {SHOCK}
I know that if I succumb, I will be sorry tomorrow.

Perhaps I should check the ibuprofen inventory first...

Happy Spring!


Janice said...

Silly me - Friday it was sunny outside so I dressed like spring - light cardigan, t shirt and ballet flats - stepped outside and the wind whacked me upside the head! I should've known better!

2boys2girls2ofakind said...

those are some amazing pictures!

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