Friday, March 4, 2011

It's March -- and I'm still tired from February...

It's March, the month of Spring's arrival, and it doesn't seem like it.

Though we have a beautiful blue sky this Friday morning, it is frosty and cold, and follows a week of occasional snow, a memorable windstorm, and generally wintry weather.

It's all good to me. I'm not ready for Spring yet. I'm too tired from a busy, but very good, February!

January ended with the very good news that Tiffany (dear daughter-in-law) was granted her permanent residency (aka green card) in the US! Hoorah!! She now has no worries about expiration of visas, and she has employment authorization for the US, should she choose to work down here. The issue of her legitimacy as a resident here as been put to rest...and that is a relief!

We celebrated!

The next event of note was Caitlin's purchase of  her dream puppy -- which she found online, and whose birthplace and current residence was (drum roll) Arkansas! Perfect pup is a Frenchton, which is a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier cross...and adorable! This purchase for Cait was a big deal because (bigger drum roll) it meant she now had to find a new place to live as her current abode had a "no pet" policy...And the day after her purchase, and commitment to move, her friend Abby called to say she was ready to take up Cait's offer to be roommates...Which Cait was enthusiastic about, but had to admit to Abby that she didn't know where they would be living anymore.

A frantic concerted effort ensued to find a pet friendly home. Fortunately, when Cait responded to a craigslist post about such a home, she was emailed by her former piano teacher, who was excited to have Cait apply (despite the fact that years ago Caitlin abandoned her music tutelage for riding lessons...forgiving woman!) Whew! One problem solved...

The next week, my dad reported to the hospital for his ankle replacement surgery...4 hours of surgery, and a long day of waiting, but we were blessed to see him doing well at the end of that day, with no pain...(nerve blocks are a gift from God!) He was in the hospital only 2 days, but then began 6 weeks of no weight-bearing on his new ankle...a test of endurance! And even more so as his ankle now feels better than it did before surgery, despite the incision and trauma of rebuilding it...Whew! Lots to be thankful for...

We were able to move Caitlin's furniture into the new place the next weekend before we left for our vacation to Maui. This just happened to coincide with the rainiest, windiest day of the month. (U-haul, we love you!) Caitlin moved to our house to take care of Daisie, and wait for her pup's arrival...postponed for a week due to bad weather back in Arkansas.

We left for Maui, the day before the puppy arrived -- I was quite disappointed that I would have to wait 9 days before I could meet the little bundle, but for some reason forgot all about that once we hit the beach...Oh, Hawaii, how I love thee!!! 9 days of relaxation in the warm sun...while Caitlin cared for 2 dogs, finished moving her stuff, cleaned her houses, dealt with winter weather conditions and was generally as exhausted as a new mom with an infant...I must admit that the sand and sun of Maui made me quite callous to her plight...

Soon enough, or maybe too soon, it was time to return to the Great Whitish North. We sat on the beach in the morning (80's) and that same night, we scraped the icy snow off our windshield and drove recently snow-plowed roads home. (20's!)

Were we really in Maui?

It WAS great to greet our girl, and her darling pup,Olive, and our Daisie...I do love home (more than Maui!). It was just a little cold here...

After 3 hours of sleep, it was time for me to get up and assume puppy duties for the day...which consisted of many naps, thankfully! 2 days of zombie-like behavior, and then it was time to make sure Randy was ready for his annual trip to DC.

We drove the poor guy to the airport on Sunday, and then returned to Cait's new house to unpack and help her settle in...

And since then, I've been puppy-sitting daily, which gives me good reason to sit with a sleeping pup on my lap for hours...Daisie, Olive and I are really into napping...and we're good at it. We'll work on that other stuff, like "sit" and "no" and "leave it" later...but not too much later.

Today, I get to pick Randy up at the airport. He'll be so glad to be home!! And I will be glad he is too...time to get back to normal life on The Farm...if there is such a thing!

And hopefully, we'll be recovered from February before April comes around.


Janice said...

Love the pic of the dogs - it seems puppy has figured that he is NOT the alpha dog!! :) I lived vicariously through you while you were in Maui - thanks for going!!

Les Hon said...

I'm so glad I could vacation for you! Just let me know where you would like to vicariously go next... I'm happy to oblige! ;)

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