Sunday, May 22, 2011

Class of '79...

Back Row: Lori Timmer Jones, Kaye Baron, Colleen Bode Unema, Gaye Vander Giessen Davis
Middle Row: Lorrie Korevaar Whatley, Elaine Gunst Dixon, Leslie Likkel Honcoop
Front Row: Lisa Mellema Groeneweg, Bonnie Van Dellen Korthuis, Mary Broersma Long, Karen Polinder Herrema, Kathi Vander Haak Jansen

A week ago today I was privileged to join 11 of my high school classmates for a weekend of collectively celebrating our 50th birthdays.

I've been thinking all week what to say about it...It was so great, that I have been struggling to find a way to describe it.

32 years after graduation, we still like each other. We've retained many of our youthful personality traits, but they are manifested in much more mature ways now...better fun than ever.

We have history, and don't need to explain where we came from. We certainly reminisced, and laughed, and confessed a little, over the events of the past -- but we all had the same framework of memories.

We shared about where we have gone with our lives in the days since...the joys, the disappointments, the surprises, the tough times, the blessings...and we were sad and glad for each other. We have always wished each other well, but it was a weekend to hear what had come in our lives since the early days of our friendships.

I admire them all, these wonderful women, with their wisdom, their graciousness, their character, their vivacity! I am privileged to know them, and to connect with them once again.

I suppose not many people would be anxious to spend a weekend with the girls from their high school days. It speaks to the quality of these women that this weekend has become a highlight of celebrating my 50th year.

I feel so very blessed!!


Tami said...

Everyone looks amazing! I'm glad you had a good time. Happy 50 to all!

Sole Obsession Footwear said...

Wow, that is amazing. I don't know one person from my graduating class anymore. Glad you had fun and enjoyed some much deserved rest and relaxation before the berry season sets in.

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