Saturday, May 28, 2011

Patheticism... not a word, but I think it should be. There's a lot of it going on around here since Daisie got home from the doggie hospital. Poor thing...Pitifulism is another candidate for describing her state as well.

Actually, I think either, or both, could be the name of a new American religion...for the "Somebody ought to help me" people. I know they're out there in droves...But that's a post for PISH TOSH...

Anyway, Miss Daisie came home on Thursday, and her patheticism was justified. She was one hurtin' pup! Her incision is probably 9 inches long over her knee and down her leg. She's all bruised, swollen and then to add insult to injury, I asked them to also remove some masses that she had on her neck, shoulder and rump. (They had been tested and were benign, but it's good to get rid of them while she was under anesthesia anyway.) 

The result is a patchwork quilt of hair and hairlessness, and stitches almost anywhere you try to pet her. The one bright spot -- NO CONE OF SHAME!!! Well, so far...if she gets toothy with her stitches instead of just licking them, that will be the next indignity.

Now -- I'm going to post a picture or two, and if you tend to be squeamish, or scared of hairless animals, you might want to scroll down quickly.

If you're like me, you want to enlarge it to count the stitches and see how many different colors are present! I'm kind of weird that way...I did always want to be in the medical field. I don't mind blood; it's the other bodily secretions that put me off.

But I digress( -- and twice in one post!!)

The poor suffering Daisie...although here she is at least moving around. Two days past surgery, and already she is showing improvement, though from the look on her face you can see where I got the term "patheticism".

Frankenstein leg...lots of staples...

Our patchwork the healing sunshine.

There are lots of "awwww's" that are voiced when anyone sees her...She's getting a lot of tender loving care from us all. I even made her scrambled eggs for breakfast, just to get her to eat something.
And this morning I noticed that she keeps checking her dish without eating any dog food. Hmmm...she wouldn't be exploiting her pathetic state now, would she?

Well, I will GLADLY make her some scrambled eggs one more time...and especially because we haven't told her yet about the exercise restrictions...3 MONTHS on the leash!! Yes -- that would be the 3 SUMMER MONTHS ON THE COTTON PICKIN' LEASH!!

It's gonna be a long one...

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Jerrie said...

Oh boy Leslie! Three months on the leash? Is that torture for her or for you?

Glad she is home and healing! :)

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