Saturday, May 14, 2011

You did what??

The Farmer bought this truck...


The Farmer has been looking in every boneyard (aka old abandoned equipment/junkyard), for months now, trying to find a truck suitable for his newest venture in the world of manure (aka natural fertilizer) application. (His obsession with natural fertlizer has been alluded to, and actually is worthy of its own post...I just can't bear to write about it.)

Unable to find what he was looking for, he resorted to searching (and searching and searching and...)online, and then discovered Ebay.


His trepidation about buying online was reduced to hesitation, then was hindered only by lack of opportunity, until the other day I found him hurrying in and out of the office to check his computer. I figured something was not right -- something like the status bar had disappeared and he didn't know how to find it back, or he accidentally minimized his email and thought it was gone forever after spending 1 hour typing 3 well-considered sentences...You know, the usual.

But no -- he's checking to see how many bids have been added to his because he's buying a TRUCK!! You wouldn't just test the waters buying, say a garden tool or lawn mower accessory on Ebay...
No! Let's start by buying a Kenworth!

I was seriously stunned...but coherent enough to ask when the auction ended, and let him know that he better be online then because that's when the bids would fly.

I guess it's true that I could, therefore, be accused of complicity, or collusion, or conspiracy in this crime...
but I didn't think he'd WIN!!

At 7:15pm, I joined him to watch the countdown, as he won his truck...

Oh boy.

Fortunately, this truck was located in Seattle, not Michigan or Wisconsin or even Boise as some he had considered were. So yesterday, Jess brought The Farmer down to The BIG City to pick it up.

It's JUST what he wanted!! Old enough to be reasonably priced, new enough to be able to do the job...and just enough rattling for character.

It HAS to stop raining now so that The Farmer doesn't have as much time to spend on the computer -- because the ice has seriously been broken for him in the world of online shopping!

I'm scared.


Janice said...

men and computers = not always a good mix!! I can just see your ride on date nights now ;)

Tami said...

It's a heady rush that ebay- be careful. It seems that as soon as you win a bid you just need more, much like chocolate cake. It tastes like MoRe!

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