Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blue funk...

It's Tuesday, Election day, and I am in a blue funk.

Dear Daisie is at the vet to have a cancerous tumor removed.

I'm afraid our country might fall from the frying pan into the fire, worrying about our election of a President, a Governor, a state Senator, and legalizing stuff that shouldn't be.

Meanwhile, I need to go get groceries...As if that's important.

But it is.

I'll just note here that it's rough when your kid is a campaign manager. It reminds me of when he got called in to be the kicker for the football team in the playoffs. What you do there really matters...
it's not just a point after. It's a POINT for the win, and for going on.

Early on in his employment as campaign manager, Jess at times would be assailed with self-doubt. This mother would try to comfort him by saying, "What's the worst that could happen, anyway?"

Of course, he would reply with this succinct and obvious point, "Uh, Mom -- It could cost my boss his job."

Oh, yeah...that.

And today we will find out the answers: President, Governor, Campaign Manager success, and how much danger my dog companion might be in.

It's feeling kind of heavy.

But the truth is, tomorrow the sun will rise and set as always. God is in control. He provides for our needs. He sets kings and kingdoms into place. They are subject to His will, His plan, His power.

As am I, which would be a good thing to remember when I am in a blue funk...That -- and most of all, that He loves me.

So I'm off to get my groceries while pondering how I will be a patriot tomorrow.

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Tami said...

I hope everything goes okay for Daisy. Yikes!

Good thing for us that God is in control because this election feels out of control.

I hope Jess gets the win!

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