Friday, November 30, 2012

I repent of whining...well, I'm TRYING to...

So the decorations are out, and I am already enjoying them, especially the lighted snowman from the front porch whose lights sparkle delightfully through the windows by the front door.

And I am properly chagrined about my whining over First World Problems. “Wah, wah, wah {imagine the nasal tone}, I have SO MANY decorations that I have to put out. It’s such hard work…Wah, wah, wah…{more nasality}.

Yeesh! What’s the matter with me?

{I’d prefer that you don’t answer THAT question. Let it be rhetorical, please.}

It may be said that I often make my own First World Problems by pressing the expectations I presume of others on my performance at the holidays. It’s my favorite time of year, and I want it to be perfect…Even though the truth of the matter is that it will be enjoyed should it fall short of perfection.

And it usually does…

But hope springs eternal! Or in this case, the monkey of perfectionism is hard to get off one’s back…even in pursuit of such trivialities as holiday d├ęcor.

It’s a sickness, I tell you.

And there is one more trial ahead – the tree. We don’t have a tree yet because in Randy Honcoop Family Tradition, one cannot be acquired until The Farmer’s Birthday passes…December 7th. Until then, it is Birthday Time, not Christmastime – at least it is to The Farmer.

I don’t mind humoring him, especially as I need some distance between decorating the house and decorating the tree. It takes a little time for the enthusiasm to rebound.

Rebound it will…I think…and we will go to Stoney Ridge Farm and try to find a beauty amongst the already cut trees so we don’t have to get down on our knees or anything strenuous like that. And it will be a nice narrow slightly sparse tree, because our children and their desires for huge bushy trees have moved out and they have their OWN house in which to put up such monsters…though I have no doubt there will be some comments on how puny my tree is.

It’s become a new tradition, complaining about Mom’s puny tree.

And compared to this, I’ll admit it will be puny…

Oh, youthful enthusiasm! Oh, the blessing of having First World Problems…as opposed to Third World Problems…

{Wait – what are Second World Problems? But I digress…}

Anyway, the decorations are up, and I’m ready to enjoy this Season of Generosity and Good Cheer…

Well, until I have to deal with the First World Problem of Baking…


Tami said...

The monkey of perfection on your back! That is hilarious, my friend.
If you truly figure out how to ditch that guy permanently, please tell me your secret. His twin is on my back.

No matter what else happens in December... our God is unchanging as is the Christmas Story.

Christmas Blessings-

Robyn Burke said...

Ha, Ha good for Randy for sticking to the birthday only rule!! Mine is the 15th of Dec. so I have that rule in my house too!! And please, no birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas wrap paper!! ;) Actually, we're skipping all the Christmas decor this year as we'll be gone on our mission trip. I am enjoying seeing everyone else's beautiful decorations though!

Tami said...

It looks very pretty! I've tried to leave you comments and it doesn't seem to work for me.

See you Thursday!

Les Hon said...

Caught up on the comments...I think it was my fault that they weren't working.

Thanks for the reminder of our unchanging God, Tami. It's so easy to forget the main reason we celebrate -- and can everyday!

Perhaps if I remember that daily, that monkey might disappear. Hmm...

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