Saturday, November 17, 2012

Life goes on...

I want you to know that I haven’t been sitting around moping for the last week and a half since the election.

Pondering – yes, and I’ll admit it, occasionally with weeping and gnashing of teeth…but I have not been consumed by it.

The day of the election, I read this verse: “I am with you and I will save you,” says the Lord. “…I will not exterminate you; I will punish you, yes, you will not go unpunished.”

And also, this one: “It is better to fall into the hand of the Lord (for His mercy is great) than into the hands of men.”

Now I’m not going to equate America with Israel (these words were for them). We are far from being God’s chosen, as Israel is, but our country, after establishing itself on Biblical principles, has dishonored God’s laws in many ways, and we do deserve punishment for that. I honestly believe that if God will have mercy on us, it will be a severe mercy, and that bad times are coming. I think it will take adversity for our stomach-driven culture to remember the principles that allowed the US to become the freest nation in the world.

So now I’m trying to figure out how to be prepared for that, without having to bury coffee cans of money somewhere…

Because you know that I would never remember where they were.

And one last (I PROMISE!) thing about the election: Our son led a successful campaign and got a Republican elected in the 41st district of this blue state!! Quite an accomplishment!! We are so proud of him! Of course, he worked for a great candidate…Steve Litzow is a champion of education, and thus was attractive to voters of both parties, and was an indefatigable campaigner himself. He knocked on literally thousands of doors throughout his district to bring his agenda to the voters. I’m so happy for all of them at this success. They worked very hard to attain it!

And now if any of you know of a job opening for a hard working former campaign manager, let us know…

The last week, life has gone on. We had a busy, busy weekend full of visiting, and bazaar shopping, and football games with pizza after, and the Ivan Likkel Fam all came here for soup and bread last Sunday. Good times, good times…

We found out that Daisie’s tumor is considered a low-grade cancer, which may or may not return…a good report and we are relieved. She is back to her normal self, bugging me to go for a walk every morning as soon as it is light – and so far, we have been able to successfully disguise her antibiotics in various kinds of treats. She’s pretty savvy about hidden meds, so we are using a great variety of treats: peanut butter, cottage cheese, canned dog food, rolled up raw bacon…Oh, the things we do for this boxer!

And she’s worth every bit of it.

Now she has a little accumulation of fluid at her incision site, and so we are supposed to hot pack it 3 times daily…Ever tried to keep a hot pack on a dog? Daisie’s attitude is pretty much: “What did I do to deserve this?!” She’ll probably get to liking it about the time we don’t need to do it anymore.

The Farmer is in the midst of Meetings Season, and was gone for 3 days this past week. He is home all of next week, which is nice since it is Thanksgiving (ALREADY?) and then he will be gone again for several days.

This gives me plenty of time to indulge in Christmas shopping and holiday prep, as well as drinking coffee by the fire while watching the rain beat down outside.

Some things stay the same, thankfully, even while the world heads for hell in a handbasket…

But I said I wouldn’t talk about the election anymore…

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