Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well, I can't say I feel much better today...

I woke in the night thinking of Benghazi, and Israel, Iran, 16 trillion dollars of debt, and the flexibility Vladimir can now expect…

I am very sad at what our people have chosen.

And, as usual, as I look at the returns in our state races and issues, I feel like a lonely conservative in a sea of blue. How we can stray so far from the underpinnings of this great effort of liberty?

That will be an ongoing question to ponder, and pursue.

In the meantime, I intend to continue to be a patriot, in whatever way I am able…putting my hope, not in “princes” but in God who allows them their position, remembering that the greater good is that all men be free in Christ.

And that’s all I going to say about that…

…For now. Of course, I will rebound to fight another day because I still believe in this great experiment in liberty that is the United States of America.

To add to my sadness, dear Daisie is miserable with pain from her surgery. She can’t hold back pitifully weak whimpers, and doesn’t move unless she has to. This too shall pass, but she doesn’t know that…poor thing.

She does know, however, that whenever she goes to the vet, her life is crap afterward. I think that’s part of why she gets all nervous when we take her for a ride in the car. “Wait a minute! You’re making this sound fun, but are we going THERE?”

I hope we’re not going THERE too often. We will find out in a couple weeks what kind of tumor they removed: slow or aggressive. I wouldn’t have done this surgery at all if it wasn’t for the fact that this alone may give her more years. It seems our vigilance about her lumps and bumps helped us catch it early. So we’ll hope for the best.

The rest of this week will include a lot of coddling, and more creative ways to get her to take medicine…

And by then, I’ll be over the election results and she will be over being coddled, and life will go on…much the same as it did a week ago…but without political ads and phone calls.

That’s something to celebrate…

…As is the success my campaign manager son has attained – a 7 point lead in the first counts! More counts to come and they are being cautious in their optimism…but I know the boy is feeling relieved.

And so is his momma! She needed a bright spot. Thanks, Jess! We're so proud of your hard work!

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