Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another project...but of a smaller sort...

The Farmer is gone to Portland to attend some more raspberry meetings…God bless him! As a kindness to me, he doesn’t invite me along. As a kindness to him, I don’t ask to go…And then we have the benefit of both being kind…

And happy.

So while he is blissfully talking about raspberries ALL DAY LONG with others who like to talk about them ALL DAY LONG, I am home and doing projects without interruption.

I find it’s better to do projects when The Farmer is away. For some reason, he finds my projects a bit stressful.

Perhaps it has something to do with being a meticulous perfectionist having to watch a free-styling, that’s-close-enough, how-quickly-can-we-get-this-done woman paint a bathroom.

After she takes the wallpaper off…

Which she has never done before…

In truth, The Farmer doesn’t even know I’m doing it. Because the next worse thing to watching it happen, is to know it is going on while you are not there…

See! I am REALLY kind…

And OH MY! All the things I am learning!!

1.   If you’re not fond of work, don’t take wallpaper off a wall.

2.    Some glues are too good at their job.

3.    If you scrub a wall too vigorously, the texture may come off.

4.    It’s a good idea to practice spraying texture somewhere other than the wall if you have never done it before.

5.    Spray texture WILL come off the floor…and the mirror.

6.    Don’t wear your painting shoes into the kitchen.

7.    Magic Eraser removes paint from hardwood floors.

8.    Hire a professional to paint around the toilet.

9.    In fact, hiring a professional is a great idea if you want professional results.

10. I need to get lower watt bulbs for the bathroom.

And so far, I’ve only got the walls primed…but considering what I had to do to get the walls free of wallpaper and glue, I’ve completed 85% of the project. It was gruesome, I tell you. Glue is just so…STICKY! I scrubbed every inch of those walls 3 times before the surface was free of residue.

In normal times, it would be cause for being on the couch for a week.

But I can’t stop now…I must get it done before The Farmer returns, and he suffers that stress I mentioned earlier…Because if he suffers, I suffer too.

If you know what I mean…

Tomorrow, it’s time for color – blue-gray or maybe it’s gray-blue. Either way, it’s gotta get on the wall, and look good….or at least good enough to inspire further change.

I’ve already decided that the rest of the project – which is doing the same thing to the rest of the utility room – just might be a joint one. I think I can tolerate perfectionism better than scrubbing every inch of all those walls.

And I know once The Farmer sees me start pulling out my tools (I use that term loosely), he’ll feel better helping me. And not long into the process I’ll become the “helper”…

Because I’ve learned more than enough already.

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Tami said...

I'm sorry but I am laughing. A lot.
Did you wash the walls with tsp?
Sometimes it is easier to do projects on the sneak and yes, sometimes it is easier to let the perfectionist take over and take FOREVER.
Yep, I'm very aware of how this works.
Post some before and after shots! I'm sure it's going to be very nice. When it's finished, of course.

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