Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out with the Old {sniff}, In with the New {smile}

A new year has begun…and, as usual, I am happy and sad about it.

Christmastime is my favorite – no, FAVORITE – time of the year. I just love it! Or LOVE it…There’s no one I would rather spend money on than my kids, and Christmas gives me an excuse to do it! I love trying to make up little surprises for other people too. The world puts on its prettiest face, with lights and colors and sparkly whimsy everywhere. Not to mention, people tend to be more cheerful and generous and benevolent…

Foundational to all this good cheer, is that fact that it is based on “good news of great joy” as we see our powerful God address the abysmal problem of our sin by bringing, not an army, but an infant…His plan was, and is, amazing.

But by the time that New Year’s Day comes, the overt celebrations are done and it’s time to return to the reality of the everyday mundane mechanics of living…

So I’m always sad when it rolls around.

Besides the end of Christmas, you also have to consider that it is the end of another year. This always sends me to reflection on how quickly time is passing, how some things have changed, and other things that should have, did not.

But on the Other Hand, there is also a sense of anticipation – similar to the beginning of school anticipation – new calendars, new planners, new plans!

I admit it…Every year I am excited to be more organized, more disciplined, more creative, more efficient, more {fill-in-the-blank}. This, despite, after 50 years of living on earth and knowing that these things rarely happen the way I anticipate.

What is it that they say about insanity? It’s doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result?

That may apply here…But I am going to go with it, because I need whatever motivation I can get in January.

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Tami said...

It is a long time until next Christmas, by the time it gets here we will be saying the time flew and it seems like we just had Christmas.
So it goes.
Thankful for the New Year too!

I love it that you admit you love to buy for your kids. Me too!

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