Thursday, January 10, 2013

Do you hear the people sing?

Oh, yesterday was a good day...It was Erin's (my sis) birthday, and she shared her celebration with myself, and Megan, the third sis. We bought a mondo tub of popcorn, big drinks and watched Les Miserables together.

Oh...oh...It was beautiful! I haven't been so stricken, and yet joyful, at the beauty of a story for...a long, long time! I soaked it in.

It doesn't hurt that Les Mis is probably my favorite story of all the stories I have known...Well, except for that most amazing one where an all powerful God redeems a rebel world by sending His Son as an infant.

And those two stories are definitely related.

I have only seen Les Mis twice before -- and high school productions at that. Still I came to love it. I had read the book previously, and while Victor Hugo deserves praise for creating this story, I will say that he is especially talented and prolific with his digressions. Which is to say that I didn't appreciate the heart of this story until I saw it in performance, with the music.

Oh my heart! I can hardly bear the emotion...I felt it in the stage performances, but the movie director's decision to film the singers close up was brilliant. The hallmark of good story-telling is not just that you understand, but that you FEEL...

I think I came away with a greater admiration for Jean Valjean, and a better understanding of what drove Javert because of what I saw in their faces.

You just need to go see it...I recommend that if you have not read or seen the story before that you look up the cliff notes, or something, and go with an understanding of the plot as it is somewhat complicated. It will increase your enjoyment of the emotion of the actors and music.

But do go...It will give you much to ponder...and to hum...and to talk about with your sisters! It was such fun to share this experience with my dear sisters, one of whom wept, one whose eyes were wet, and then there was one who sniffled and daubed a lot...All three of us sat as the credits rolled and exclaimed together over it. It was just so much better that way than seeing it separately and having a chat about it. Sharing an experience with my sisters brings back the old bond of the days when we experienced most of life together. Didn't have to explain or describe; we were in it together. Lots of precious memories of those times, and it is a treat to find that feeling of solidarity and love still is right there.

Indeed, it was a special day -- for lots of reasons -- one that I will mark in my memory and my heart.


Ridgely said... and get the French movie version with Gerard Depardieu...sooooo very, very, very well done. Depardieu is the quintessential Jean Valjean!!!

Marcia said...

thanks! for some crazy reason this woman in my office went and walked out because she didn't like it. Everyone else has loved it. I am going to decide for myself! glad you girls had such a wonderful time!

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