Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Forgive the lack of originality in the title...I just love that phrase, and I like that song, though if you listen closely it's really quite naughty. The Mr. in the song is being quite dishonorable and encouraging the Miss in the song to go against her principles...So it's kind of heathen -- but I still like it...It's 50's kind of heathen...

(I'm thinking of frogs in heating water here...I guess I'm one of them...BAD!)

But this post is not about that song...at least it wasn't supposed to be.

This morning my Walking Buddy, aka The Best Exercise Machine I Ever Got, looked at me like this after she had gone out to do her duties:
"I'm not going out there again."
A little reminder to be thankful for the indoor plumbing...

Of course, once the sun warmed up the house, my Best Exercise Machine Ever went to work on the usual Morning Exercise Motivation Series. This begins with following me closely wherever I go. If I sit down, I find a boxer head on my lap, with pleading eyes looking up at me.
If these actions do not bring results, paw poking follows. Rarely do I let it escalate to actual boxing, but it has been known to happen.
So we headed out to walk, in spite of this:

It's hard to read here, but it was about 16 degrees.
We're nuts.

But at least it wasn't blowing anymore...well, at least the breeze we had today seemed like nothing compared to the night before. It was wild!!

And today you could see the results...shingles deposited on the driveway...

...the yard covered in curly willow debris. I think that tree loses more branches than leaves!

And I don't think this gutter will be very effective any more...

There's storm clean-up to do!
But we'll wait for a warmer day...

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Tami said...

I love that heathen song! And I have many versions.

I'm impressed that you and Daisy walked. It was really too cold.

Our yard is covered with sticks too, but I'm going to wait for a warmer day.

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