Friday, November 12, 2010

Houston -- we have a problem...

The Farmer is gone for a few days, and somehow the moles found out. When Daisie and I headed out to walk this morning, we found these:
...and this

...and -- OH THE  AUDACITY! -- this!

A molehill in the lawn?

Obviously, this never happens.
It's not allowed...
And offenders are chased down and executed..

But not by me.
The Farmer is the one who has the hunt down to, well, a science (not surprised, are you...)
 and has the perseverance to accomplish the task. 
A molehill in the lawn would send him into hyper-hunting! I've decided not to tell him about it...It could ruin, or shorten his trip...Can't have that!
The house isn't clean yet...and the new stuff is not sufficiently disguised...

So I did the only thing a good Farmer's Wife could do...
I let the little beggars know that even though The Farmer was away, there is still molehill vigilance on the property. And consequences will be paid -- insofar as I can remember what the procedures are...
I know this much:
First, you expose the tunnel.

Then you take the Molehill Stick and tamp dirt down to block the hole.

Once the hole is filled you distribute the dirt evenly over the space and pack it down with your boots.

Daisie keeps watch that no offenders escape while I fill in the other holes...

Yes, yes, I did them all -- you must!
However, if I was a GREAT Farmer's Wife, not merely GOOD one, I would then have a hose at the ready, and monitor the area for any renewed activity, ready to flood the little beggar out!

But then you have to hit them with a shovel -- and I've just never been able to do that...

So I hope they are sufficiently surprised that there is another MoleHunter on the property and wait until the Farmer returns to do more damage.

This looks better -- and good enough for me!

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Ridgely said...

Way to go, girl! I knew you had it in you. However, I may have to report you to Mole Digger's Annonymous.... :)

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