Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We got a new bed...

After The Farmer’s recent back trouble, he became convinced that our bed was a contributing factor. He spent hours researching on the internet. He’s very analytical, My Farmer.

His scale of rating beds includes many factors, such as: support, cushion, body conformity, depth of plush top, durability of plush, warmth of plush, hand of fabric cover, strength of box spring, level box spring top, durability of construction -- yada, yada, yada...

My scale of rating beds is simpler: It feels good; or it feels bad. It must have handles for moving.

So – our bed still fell in the acceptable range for me. It felt good. The Farmer had his doubts about whether the support/body conformity capabilities were sufficient for his needs. Since he was the one with the pain in his back, I encouraged him to go for it. I did demand one thing: he MUST make a decision and take action on his research within a reasonable amount of time.

While I must say that I benefit from the hours of research The Farmer does, it drives me crazy. He has been known to research something for months, and then still not be able to make a decision...This is not appreciated by someone (that would be me) whose analytical functions are pretty much absent, and who makes snap decisions based on intuition...(And gets them right a lot of the time, I will boast! Who needs analysis!) Of course, The Farmer is going for 100% on his decisions – 100% correct. I am not hindered by any such compunction; I’m happy with a 75-80% rating.

But I was talking about the bed, wasn’t I...

The Farmer kept teasing that he had ordered a bed online, just to test my reaction. Feeling perverse, I didn’t give him the satisfaction of the shocked reaction he was hoping for. And then one day when I replied with a blase, “When is it coming?” he said, “Monday or Tuesday...”

He had ordered a “Bed in a Box” and literally that was how it came...two bonded layers of memory foam, with the air vacuumed out of it so it could be rolled and put in a box two feet square by four feet long...And it came on Monday... We wrestled 120 pounds of Bed in a Box, with no handles mind you, up the stairs, positioned it at the end of the box spring and removed the superstrong plastic wrap that compressed it. It unrolled with audible whooshing, and voila!, we had a new bed!

I was a little skeptical that one could get a comfortable AND supportive bed out of such a situation, but when I crawled in that night, I found I really, really liked it! I have now added “Feels great” to my rating scale.

Ironically, The Farmer was not as enthusiastic as I was after that first night. He “had to get used to it”, he said. I think our diverse reactions are somehow tied to our analytical tendencies or lack thereof – but let’s not go there again!

The Farmer has since come to enjoy all the qualities of bed perfection that he had sought, though we must admit that the jury is still out on durability. Have no fear, it will continue to be monitored as time passes.

But not by me...I’m just going to sleep in it, and enjoy all the cushy supportiveness that makes me exclaim every night, “I love my bed!!”

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Ruth Siebring said...

Thanks, Leslie, it made me laugh!

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