Monday, November 15, 2010

My Leaf Collection...

I wanted you to see it. It is large, and extensive...

...and oh so pretty!

I really mean that!

Ah, November, how I love thee! Month of falling leaves, color against the gray dreariness that draws us inside to the fire...

The time of year where we think of baking spicy treats to enjoy with our coffee, and savory soups for rainy nights of happy contemplations of thankfulness and anticipation as the holidays approach.
I truly love this time of year!

Oh how eloquently I wax on!!
I just had to show you my collection because it's scheduled to start blowing away this afternoon.
I like that too...

In other news: the mole is back.
But so is The Farmer...Whew!
The gauntlet has been thrown; the war is begun.

I know how it will turn out...just don't know how long the siege will be.
Victory awaits!

1 comment:

Holly said...

When the farmer declares victory can he come over here??? We are losing the war...Big Time...and the cat just died...oh my...

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