Thursday, November 17, 2011

Imaginary friends?

The other day I caught myself relating a story to Caitlin – and it gave her pause.

“Oh, Cait – Linda’s granddaughter, Nora, said the cutest thing the other day!” I proceeded to explain how Nora had arranged all the magnets on the fridge, then stepped back and pronounced her work ‘BOOTIFOH!’ “She is so adorable!”

Cait asked, “Who is Linda?”

“My blogger friend,” I replied.

“So where did you meet her?”

“Oh – I’ve never MET her! I know her from her blog…”

Cait looked at me with wonder – and not the awesome kind.

It’s like I told her I had an imaginary friend, or something!

But Linda is REAL, very real! We’ve never met, but I’ve commented on her blog a couple of times, so – she…well, probably…knows who I am. She’s a friend. I wonder what she and Nora have been up to, and how her husband does such great barbecue (well, it LOOKS great), and I’m waiting to hear when the newest grandbaby arrives – any time now.

I need to check in to see how Liz is feeling today…She’s had a rough time with vertigo and migraines since her darling baby girl Jane was born…I’m so relieved to hear that she is doing better. And I’m happy for her as her first book just came out…way to go, Liz!

My friend Melanie just braved the wilds of the Amazon on a trip with Compassion International. I wonder how Caroline and P survived her absence, and she survived being in the presence of reptiles and monkeys, of which she has a deathly fear…

I should check in with Kristen and get some more of her great frugal girl ideas…She is very disciplined! I am put to shame when I read her “Food Waste Friday” posts…

Amanda has a fond affection for decadently rich desserts…some of her recipes are scary rich! Like the one where you put chocolate chip cookie dough in a pan, top it with oreo’s, and then brownie batter on top of that…Sin on a plate! I love Miley & Howie too – her pair of adorable Boston Terriers. I know they would love playing with Olive…

And then there’s Edie, who just moved into her new home – the new home that replaced the one that burned down just one year ago…I so admire the way she’s handled the loss, and the disruption of their lives…And I love her new house!

I so enjoy these gals, every one of them! I’ve learned from them, and laughed with them, and got teary a few times over their troubles, admiring their strength and perspective.

So what if they don’t know I exist?

I talk about them to my family --- which has made The Fam worried about me. They think I’m losing it… relating stories about imaginary friends…

I don’t know why they doubt me. I’ve proven before that my internet friendships are with REAL people. After all, I’ve MET the Pioneer Woman…SHE knows I exist, and that has not made one iota of difference. Our friendship is as strong as the day it began…

I know it would be the same if I met ANY of my “blog friends”!

Frankly, I think The Fam should be grateful. If I didn’t have my blog friends to satisfy my need for human interest, just think how much interaction they would have to endure from me! Yes – think about all the emails and phone calls and questions you’d be fielding every day, dear family!

I"ll give you this: some aspects of blog friendships are similar to imaginary ones...All interactions can be kept on the positive side...There is no conflict, neither is there any obligation...If you choose well, bloggers and imaginary friends are very lovable...none of those pesky sensitivities or expectations to bother with!

I maintain that all friends – even imaginary ones – serve a useful purpose in our lives.

So, Family, stop worrying about me! I'm fine...I'm probably healthier for having a plethora of friends who don't know I exist than if I didn't. I'd appreciate it if you would treat my friends with the same kind of respect as I treated your imaginary friends. I always took an interest in them, didn't I?

And not one of them even had a blog, as I recall...


Jerrie said...

It is good to have your imaginary friends. Some of mine are so clever and funny! I totally relate.

We share some "imaginary" friends (of course). I have been quite worried about Liz as well....I try not to tell my guys though as they don't understand.

Enjoy your friends while you can. In one push of a button their lives can disappear from ours (I've had friends move and I've found them much later and just leave...sad).

Sole Obsession Footwear said... crack me up Miss Leslie. I'd say you are BFF's with the Pioneer Women. She even told you her size in spanks. I'm sure she doesn't tell that to just anyone. :-) I love the memories from that Seattle adventure. We must do it again. Any other imaginary bloggers coming to the Seattle area that we can stalk?

songbyrd on the mountain said...

I know what you mean on all counts! But here's a little perk; you have one blog friend who really is family and I appreciate hearing what my cousin on the other side of whatcom county is up to!

Ridgely said...

If I had a life, I'd blog too! :)I'm like you, I follow a bazillion blogs, living life vicariously through those who do have one!

Tami said...

Love my imaginary peeps! I think Ree is going to come back to see us in 2012 and we are going to Seattle! Liz is doing better and I am so happy for her.
And I am so happy to know my friend from Asia... Les Hon!

Janice said...

Well, I know you AND you have a blog to boot - does that make us "REAL" friends? Of course it does! Maybe tell your family about your friend (aka:ME) was so encouraged for months on her blog by people she had never met when her son was in an accident! Now those are REAL friends ;p

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