Monday, November 28, 2011

We did it!

Despite the Preparation Paralysis, The Lists and I, with some help from Caitlin, The Farmer, and all the family members that contributed food items, pulled off a Happy Thanksgiving Day!


And I've been relaxing ever since...The Farmer took care of dissembling the tables and chairs, and even vacuumed the messy floors for me! (And the way he vacuums, it should be good for some time now...don't tell him I said that, or that I don't plan to vacuum for a while...)

Caitlin took over camera duties for me, but since I forgot to turn the flash off "auto", we all have porcelain complexions, and so do some of the walls...but at least we have a record of a very good day with family!

More to be thankful for...

Crock Pot Cadre...

For your entertainment: Guess the Jelly Belly flavor...

...or play with Olive!
She didn't stop playing all day, and left our place exhausted.

More than just pumpkin pie for dessert...

The youngest men created their own game, some complex competition mostly likely based on a video game of some sort...I didn't ask them to explain it, and they didn't offer.

Meg's completely natural reaction to pumpkin pie...

Visit, visit, visit...

Games, and brain teasers ala Jim.

Traditional musings on what we are thankful for...
even large corporations!

"Thank you for the food before us,
the family beside us,
the love between us..."


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