Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Greats were here...

...and I took not a single picture.

But we had a great day, and they were very entertaining.

Colby has entered the "why" stage of life...He'll wear you down until you scream,"I don't KNOW why!"and get you wondering about the meaning of life.

Or you can just say "Because..." -- be sure it has the 3 dots after it -- about 50 million times until it becomes unrewarding to ask why every 3 minutes so you ask only every 5 minutes.

Fascinating times for him at Aunt Weswie's house: The toilet handle broke and it wouldn't flush. Bet you didn't know the inside of a toilet tank was SO amazing! And worth approximately 2500 WHY questions...

Miss Brielle is starting to use her words, but sparingly...She continues with emphatic nods and shakes of the head to do her most succint, and effective, communicating. She is so sweet and quiet, and yet can bellow "NACK!!!!!!" (which being interpreted means SNACK) when there is a need.

Unfortunately, Colby told me that they had already eaten breakfast before they came, even testifying to what was on the menu, so NACK!!!!!! became very important early on in the day.

I fear it was my repeated failures at making instant oatmeal that caused this fib on his part. Who can mess up instant oatmeal? Apparently, Aunt Weswie can -- so an early snack of many goldfish and juice is a better option than being subjected to HOT runny oatmeal, which then becomes HOT sticky oatmeal, which eventually becomes cold oatmeal worthy of industrial strength adhesive applications.

Eggs, kids -- next time we'll do eggs...even if you tell me you already had pancakes.

Their mother isn't going to like me either, because I let them take the goldfish crackers and smash them into many succulent foods -- "peetend"-- that they cooked on my coffee table with the new kiddie dishes I purchased. There were crumbs everywhere...but they were having so much fun! And of course, I told them that only Aunt Weswie's coffee table was available for this sort of activity...really, I did. There was the inevitable transfer of plates pile precariously with goldfish crumbs that flew everywhere as one or the other tripped while bringing me a fresh meal.

Bless their little hearts, they wanted to clean up, so I brought them 2 whisk brooms, and the spent the end of the day spreading little gold crumbs left and right as they tidied. They learned quickly that the best clean-up tool we had was Daisie. They spent a lot of time pointing out the crumbs for her, and she was so obliging. Miss Don't Waste Words actually said, "Wuv you, Daisie!"

Be still my heart...

The day ended with great finale as Colby helped "Unko Wann" put the new part in the toilet, and rejoicing of rejoicing, it flushed again!!!! "Weally fast!!!"

Auntie Cait came over with "Ah-iv" (Olive), and Brielle, who is no judge of dog character, wanted to love on her at every opportunity...though she can be hesitant around the gentlest dog known to man,  Daisie. Colby is the opposite -- loves the big dog, but had to sit on my lap because Olive was in the house...If you have questions about dog character, my recommendation is to ask Colby. Olive for her part seems to understand that these kids are which I say, and I say it so rarely lately, good dog!

Of course, the best part of the day was when Daddy came to pick them up -- and they didn't want to go -- {insert big smile} and were running up and down the hallway, yelling like banshees, until we finally convinced them that Mommy was missing them and making a dinner they would like and then they ran around outside before their dad could get them all buckled in the carseats, while they blew kisses and yelled, "BYE!!!!"

I got out my shovel and cleaned up the toys, and vacuumed up the goldfish crumbs 'cause Daisie couldn't eat any more...And then I went out for dinner.

It was a good day...

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