Monday, February 27, 2012

I went and got me some learnin'...

Yessir, I went off to college on Saturday to take a community education class about Photoshop Elements. I've had this software for many months now, and didn't know what to do with it...

When I would look at this screen, it meant nothing to me, but now, NOW, I know what I'm looking at, AND what to do with it. My regret over purchasing it may even go away!

Oh it's a wonder what some learnin' will do for you!

Next week, I'm going back to learn some more...and now that I've broken the ice, there will be more classes in my future. I still love long as no research papers are involved. I'll draw the line there...but being in class, and having mysteries revealed, and, okay I admit it, "getting it" more quickly than other students, well, I just love that.

Apparently, I am an inveterate suck-up, always hoping to be the star student and teacher's pet.

It's a sickness. I know that now...but it served me pretty well through elementary and middle schools, so it's hard to give it up. REALLY, I should grow up.

I'll try.

It was a busy weekend all the way around. Jess came home, so I made sure that I cooked. You know, fill the boy up with food not heated in a microwave, which seems to be what he eats mostly. Home-cooking makes him happy, which makes me happy...and a few other family members didn't seem to mind either...And Friday night before Jess arrived, I experimented with a Mongolian Beef recipe, recruiting my other children to be guinea pigs. And they were happy guinea pigs. So was I! It was delish, and someday I might share it with you...Or you can go over to and find it yourself. I must say the internet has improved my food preparation immensely.

Sunday night was Honcoop Sunday right here at the Northwood Ranch. Honcoop parents, siblings, cousins descended bearing pans of food which were consumed amidst much conversation and laughter. And we were entertained by the antics of the small ones who are precocious and excellent combination!

We are blessed...

And now it's Monday...Maintenance Monday, and there's plenty of that to do...But it's all a bit easier after a weekend that was full of good things...and more to come this week too!

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Jerrie said...

Now you should teach me how to use Elements...I've been thinking about taking a class but haven't yet. I LOVE school...I wish I could just go and take classes all the time. LOVE IT! Keep on going! :) Community Ed is a fabulous resource.

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Have a great week.

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