Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A little late for Love Day...

I tried to get a picture of the dogs for a Valentine's Day card.

Operative phrase being "I tried".

It's pretty hard to get a picture of 2 dogs who don't love sitting next to each other...one, because she has ants-in-her-pants, and the other because she doesn't want to sit next to a dog with ants-in-her-pants. Add to that a novice photographer, and the obstacles are many.

As a result, no card was made, but there were a couple of cute shots I'm going to share...And Edward, Sadie and Charles, one of these days we'll get you a card. I'm not going to promise which holiday it might be...Hope for Christmas...

Caitlin: "Olive! Get over here!"


Daisie won't get close enough to Antsy Pants to be in focus.
Amatuer photographer doesn't notice...

Olive needs a break to go chew on her now faceless Valentine Bear.

Daisie: "We're gonna be here all day..."

The Boss coaches Olive on proper behavior...

...and gets the only genuine display of love we see all day.
Olive: "Next to Girl, The Boss is my favorite."

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Tami said...

You may have to hire the Snapsisters. Or wait until Olive grows up...

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