Monday, March 26, 2012

Chick Flickery...

I went to a chick flick Thursday night. The Farmer was still out of town, and it was a good night for a girls' night out, so I got to go to dinner and a chick flick with the girlfriends.

I usually eschew chick flicks because I don't like to have my emotions manipulated to a point where I find myself thinking: "'s so sad that they are both married to other people. They should be together..." or "Leave Mr. Responsible -- you need to go with the Charming Cad because he's so romantic..." or, worst of all, "Now THERE'S the kind of guy every husband should be...full of romance EVERY DAY..."


Chick flicks are not equal to real life...but so many of us want them to be...and as a result, they foster a lot of discontent. Being vulnerable to, and fundamentally opposed to, discontent, I avoid the risk.

I rarely read chick lit either...same reasons.

But I can handle the rare exposure to emotional manipulation, and mostly, I wanted to spend the evening with the girlfriends so I went and saw "The Vow".

And I thought Rachel McAdams didn't make a realistic traumatic brain injury victim -- but she sure is a cutie pie, sweetheart kind of gal.  And Channing Tatum was a good representation of the requisite hunk, and was pretty consistent in his portrayal of a forgotten husband. As much as I could pick their performances apart, I admit that they did a good enough job of manipulating my emotions that I felt incredibly sad thinking about how TBI can obliterate a loving relationship. Truly, a tragedy.

But for me, the best line of the movie belonged to Jessica Lange, who portrayed Paige's (Rachel McAdams) mother when she said something like: "...I chose to stay with him because of all the things he did right, instead of leaving him for one thing he did wrong..." A perspective unusual to chick flickery, and so refreshing to note it present in the story.

I left the theater not feeling too bad about the hours I spent there...A good message was gleaned, perhaps more than one.

But that will be it for chick flicks for me for a while...I wonder if the girlfriends might want to go see "Act of Valor" next...


one blessed mama said...

i LOVE chick flicks!! :)

Jamie Lynn said...

I love your blog, Leslie!:)

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