Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I should update you about The Farm...

Maybe "should" is too strong...

But regardless, I WILL update you on The Farm, whether you want to know or not -- because you should know where your food comes from, and because I want to write about something, and this is all that's happening around here.

All winter, the workers were out there laboring to turn this:

...into this.

And that's all finished now...
and the weather has actually begun to behave according to the calendar, which says "SPRING".

Although, it seems a bit flaky about it.

Anyway, The Farmer is out in the field, because after all the pruning and tying, there is a lot of this stuff on the ground.

Pruned out canes...they need to go!

So The Farmer is out with the cane chopper.

It's quite the machine. One pass and the canes are obliterated...

...and once again it is tidy between the rows.

It's time...the buds are swelling, and busting out, wanting to grow.

Hope Spring isn't too flaky,
or maybe that Winter isn't too reluctant to go...
like last year.

Already, things are behind the usual schedule. Hopefully, April and May will be better than they were last year, and we won't have to pick berries during the Fair. We don't need to set late start & finish records again this year.

Besides, couldn't we all use some more days like we had last week?

And when they come back, I want to spend them as Daisie does...She knows how to enjoy Spring, that dog!

But I think I'll need a lounge chair.

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